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· Published 17.04.2020 · last updated 17.04.2020

With Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, GGPoker signs another poker pro as an ambassador

Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier expects his career to go to the next level after the Triple Crown winner has been announced as the youngest GGPoker ambassador.

In an announcement on the GGPoker Instagram account, the former Starcraft professional said he was looking forward to a great partnership. He said he already had plans to stream tournaments on GGPoker and interact with fans on Twitch.

The Frenchman has won over $ 14 million and joins Daniel Negreanu, Bryn Kenney and Felipe Ramos as GGPoker ambassadors.

Grospellier praises the software from GGPoker and say it is better then PokerStars and PartyPoker

Grospellier is already a big name in the poker scene and was a former ambassador for both PokerStars and partypoker. In the announcement, however, he explained that GGPoker has by far the best software and has many features built into its online client that you find in live poker.

“For example, you can squeeze your cards. Not just that but you can squeeze the river card even though that’s not something you can do in live poker of course! That’s one of my favourite features.

“But my favourite feature by far is that you can stake players directly on the GGPoker client. You can sell pieces of yourself or buy pieces of your favourite players. That’s a really cool feature that is automatically integrated and I think it’s the best feature. You can also buy insurance to protect your hand from those nasty suckouts and bad beats.

With eSports in the background, it’s no surprise that Grospellier is addressing the Twitch poker community and building its profile as a GGPoker ambassador on the website with the existing team of GGStreamers.

“With GGPoker I’ll be playing a lot on the site and will be focusing on Twitch and interacting with fans, developing a channel and hosting a lot of hands and tournaments. I expect my career to go to the next level with GG being the biggest online poker site in the world and the great partnership we will have in the future.”

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