The number of players at GGPoker continues to increase and if it continues like this, PokerStars would no longer untouchable

The GG network,often referred to as GGPoker, is currently the most ‘talked-about’ brand when it comes to online poker. The surprising boom caused by the Coronavirus pandemic has subsided for a while, but the number of players at GG network continues to rise.

According to Pokerscout, the GG network has a 7-day average of 3,700 cash game players. PartyPoker currently has 2,000 players and iPoker with 1,100 players. Tournament poker and SNG players are not included in these numbers. That is neat if you consider the fact that GGPoker has managed to hang everyone out within a few years. According to Pokerscout, GGPoker has three times as many players on the iPoker network and almost twice as many on PartyPoker. The tables on GGPoker are filled 24/7 and there is an all-round action at all limits – including the right high roller limits.

How long will PokerStars remain the industry leader?

PokerStars, with a 7-day average of approx. 11,000 players, currently takes the lead in the poker industry. If the GG network continues at this pace it may overthrow PokerStars in a few years.

PokerStars has not made any partnership over the past few years, and its zero percent Rakeback strategy, in particular, is a thorn in the side of many players. Also, the poker operator always offers rake increases and other negative headlines that are not welcomed by the poker community.

PokerStars gives no warning or update before it changes its strategy; you can say that it only lives by its popular name and that many players simply don’t know any alternative or label as other sites are dubious and dangerous. But that alone will not be enough to secure its number one spot forever.

GGPoker is stirring the advertising drum

GGPoker has been on the gas for a little over 6 months. Various brand ambassadors such as Daniel Negreanu, Fedor Holz, Boris Becker , and many more have been committed.

They have entered into strong partnerships with the Kings Casino and also with the WSOP. At the moment the WSOP Circuit Online Series is running on the GG network.

There is definitely action and the year 2020 is far from over. One can assume that further surprises will follow.

The strategy is special and not everything is perfect, but it works

GGPoker follows a special strategy that cannot be compared to any other provider. One focuses on recruiting casual gamers and making it as attractive as possible for them. Professional players are of course always welcome, but are somewhat disadvantaged by the PVI system. Nevertheless, you give the regulars incentives to go full throttle and every month, there are also interesting promotions that offer extra value.

Of course, the rake is higher than that of other providers, but one shouldn’t forget that the player field is also much softer than that of other providers and the despite PVI, the rakeback is more than acceptable. And GGPoker is profitable with the exclusive YourPokerDream rakeback deals and promotions!

The software is unique and many players say it is by far the best software after PokerStars. Some even consider them better. The tastes are different here, but GGPoker definitely has some unique features that you won’t find anywhere else and that also appeals to regular players.

Also, GGPoker is the only major provider together with Natural8 that offers Bitcoin as a payment method. Neither PokerStars, PartyPoker, 888 or iPoker offer BTC as a payment option.

There are still a few things that need improvement

We have chewed through the PVI topic several times in other articles and a little more transparency regarding this topic would be desirable.

But what would be much more important is the stabilization of the server. Almost every Sunday, the server causes problems and players have to struggle with connection breaks. In other things, there isn’t much to complain about!

Can GGPoker really pose a threat to PokerStars?

Definitely, yes! On the one hand, GGPoker has the advantage of being very well placed in the Asian market – it will continue to grow and is only just beginning. This is a clear advantage that will attract a lot of players that PokerStars doesn’t have.

At the moment, Stars is still so far away that you wonder how it should go, but if you look at the numbers, the GGPoker, within just 3 months, has more than 1,500 players in terms of the 7-day average of cash game players. The boom in the GGPoker network is in full swing; it is important to listen to the feedback from the community and create a good balance so that casual gamers and professionals are satisfied. Nevertheless, it is clear to everyone by now that both types of players are important!

The hype can be over quickly if GGPoker doesn’t stay on the ball and does everything to improve its product and services for every poker player.

Working with poker affiliates is also an important point here and helps GGPoker to achieve its goals and push the number of players. We can only hope that the hard work of poker affiliates won’t be forgotten in the future.

No account in the GG network yet?

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