Does a strategy with numerous brand ambassadors makes sense or it is just a burnt money?

GGPoker, in particular, is very active in engaging new brand ambassadors, but PartyPoker is also stepping on the gas. It is nothing unusual for a well-known name in the poker scene to be the face of another poker room every year – but also, celebrities like Boris Becker, Kevin Hart, and Co are the faces and brand ambassadors of poker sites.

Many ambassadors started at PokerStars, then went to PartyPoker, and now they are drawn to GGPoker. They are paid to be brand ambassadors. But the question is, does a big name or a celebrity being the face of a poker room have a big effect and attract so many new players? Certainly, it has an advertising effect and when famous personalities advertise a brand, it gives you a good and safe feeling as a player.

Let’s take GGPoker as an example. The commitment of the German tennis legend Boris Becker is certainly a great thing for the German-speaking market, and since GGPoker is still relatively unknown to many in Germany, this can have a small effect, because the name Boris Becker is a term in Germany.

Let’s take a look at PokerStars. Over there, they have Daniel Negreanu, Felipe Ramos, Bryn Kenney, Fedor Holz, and Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier. Here, of course, the question arises whether is a need for six notable ambassadors or if Daniel Negreanu and Bryn Kenney are not enough. Definitely, other well-known players will follow as brand ambassadors very soon.

PartyPoker ran the same strategy and the success was modest

It wasn’t long ago that Boris Becker, Fedor Holz, and Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier were part of the PartyPoker team, now they are part of the GGPoker team. PartyPoker has an immeasurable growth with a few years, but in our opinion, that has nothing to do with the brand ambassadors we mentioned.

There is also the question of why PartyPoker has not extended the cooperation, and why it is not looking for new faces as ambassadors of its brand. This may be because the poker room is succeeding.

It looks different with streamers on Youtube and Twitch

Using well-known streamers as a marketing strategy makes more sense, since it appeals to a larger audience and, through active streaming, people are drawn to a particular brand. There are no doubts that Twitch is booming and you can see numerous streamers streaming PartyPoker, PokerStars, GGPoker, or Natural8 channels.

The cost of using streamers is less expensive than using prominent names as brand ambassadors. Streamers also bring more poker enthusiasts.

Our Conclusion

It’s nice and good if you stir the advertising drum a bit and want to draw attention to yourself. But you shouldn’t overdo it, but maybe invest the money in technology, interesting promotions or something else. Even if the gg network is booming, there are numerous things to take care of and instead of investing more money on prominent faces. They could also use it very well in other ways. We would have loved to go into more detail here, but we will refrain from that for now in this article.

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