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· Published 30.05.2020 · last updated 30.05.2020

Unibet Open Online 2020 Gets Its First Champion

Max Silver Won the First Unibet Open Tournament

Due to the worldwide pandemic situation, the hosts of Unibet Open Event moved the three remaining live events to online format this year. Last weekend, the first of the three Unibet Open online conferences started from May 1 to May 25 as part of the VIII Unibet Online series, offering 1,000,000 euros of the prize pool to all kinds of players.

As planned for the live version, the entry fee for Unibet Open Online was 1,100 euros. Nothing has changed in the qualifiers. The online edition was a complete success. About 373 players took part in the competition, which almost doubled the guaranteed prize pool of 200,000 euros. As a result, the prize fund amounted to 392,750 euros.

Max Silver, a professional poker player, came at the final table with a huge margin from the chips and was never afraid to refuse it. His victory at the most prestigious tournament at Unibet brought him a solid € 77,321, without any doubt the largest prize pool that Unibet has ever ruffled through online poker tournaments. However, MTT promotions at Unibet are fairly modest, while the major events with massive prize pools are quite rare at Unibet.

“It was the funniest final table I’ve ever been to,” he said. “When you have more chips, you can put a lot of pressure. So I played and won most of my hands. I am very glad that I won! “

In the heads-up, Silver beat Jamie “jamnix_90” Nixon, who had to settle for second place with the prize of € 55,956. For the 29-year-old streamer from Newcastle, this was the second final Unibet Open final table in a row.

“I did not want to play yesterday, but finally pulled myself together because I really liked the first final table at the Unibet Open in Dublin. I’m glad I did it, and I am so proud to have done it this far, although Max and his huge stack were on my left. ”

“This is a lot of money for me and, I hope, is just the beginning.” Thanks also to all my viewers of the flow on the virtual railway – although I did not broadcast the event. And many thanks to Unibet for this fantastic event, as always. ”

Place Players Prize (EUR) Prize (~USD)
1 Max “SHAPOSNOVE” Silver €77,321 $84,826
2 Jamie “jamnix_90” Nixon €55,056 $60,400
3 ibrul €40,009 $43,892
4 J0zlfB4dM0N €28,726 $31,514
5 Backdoorman3 €21,884 $24,008
6 GMAsunare €16,071 $17,631
7 XMorphineX €11,625 $12,755
8 Crazykunkku €8,377 $9,191
9 Dimlingen €5,986 $6,568
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