Several player accounts suspected in fraud were banned by partypoker during the Cash Game Leaderboards

partypoker Banned Several Cheaters Accounts

Partypoker is well-known among the top poker rooms for its active position in fighting against both poker bots and multiple accounts.

In November 2019, the partypoker team published a detailed report with the information about the unfair cases, as well as shared the data with the number of blocked accounts that violated the rules of the poker room.

On September 2019, 16 fraud cases were revealed, which means that 16 accounts respectively were blocked. In total, during the period from April 2019 to September 2019, partypoker blocked 378 accounts and compensated the affected players with more than $ 610,000.

Representatives of the poker room continue to actively monitor the quality and transparency of the game.

Rob Jong reported in his Twitter account the information about blocking of several unscrupulous accounts in the Cash Game leaderboards. He posted the video on his Twitter:

Rob Yong reported about the lifelong blocking of several players who participated in the Cash Game leaderboard.

These players were blocked due to multi-counting and attracting friends to the game to get prizes in the leaderboard.

Instead of cheaters, leaderboard prizes will be distributed among players who took a lower position. However, funds from dishonest players were received by poker players who noticed and reported violations of the rules.

According to Yong, in this way, the poker room team wants to encourage other players to play honestly and immediately report suspicious actions that might violate the rules.

Rob also added that the security service is actively monitoring every leaderboard and major tournament and will block unfair players for obvious violations of the poker room rules.

The PartyPoker cash game leaderboard itself has been extended for another month in May.

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