Partypoker makes tough action and takes special measures

We recently reported that partypoker blocked multiple player accounts due to fraudulent activities in the cash game leaderboards. We naturally welcome this step and the community is pleased that partypoker is staying true to its line and doing everything possible to keep the tables clean and fair.

So far, everything is fine and we are in full support of partypoker, but it does raise some questions about how far it can go to check whether everything is going right and what can be expected of a player. We assume that partypoker already has its reasons. It is well-known that partypoker’s security team comprises of professionals. Programs have been developed and various strategies have been created to expose fraudsters.

Since the introduction of the numerous rake-races, some players think they are smart. They share an account with friends to achieve a higher playing time, more rake, and higher placement in the rake-races. Just because you use the same computer doesn’t mean you are safe. When the average game time doubles at once, the style of play changes, and the speed at which the mouse is clicked. Such things are taken care of and then the red lamp comes on. And that’s fine and a good thing!

The crucial question we ask ourselves is, for the most part, what happens when innocent players affected, and what measures are used in a suspected case? One of our players forwarded the following email that came from PartyPoker support. However, the player’s account was not blocked directly, but no payment was processed.

Here is the Email from PartyPoker to the player:

We are contacting you with regards to your partypoker account “…………”.

We are conducting a security review on your account. To complete it, please follow these steps:

1. Please record and upload to us the following 2 videos.

One showing you playing. Place the recording device so that one side of your head, the mouse and the whole monitor are visible.

We would prefer if you were in a room with no one else in it. Please do not wear headphones or earphones. Please keep the audio on in the recording device.

Please play $10 Spins. Play a minimum of 4 hours (2 recordings of 2 hours each is acceptable as well) on 6 tables at all time.

In the beginning of the recording, please introduce yourself to the camera holding your ID. You can make the introduction in English or in your own language.

Furthermore, please begin recording prior to logging in to the client and registering any games.

2. In addition to this, we would ask you to record the game play with a desktop recording software (such as Camtasia or OBS Studio) for the duration of the same session.

Please be aware that you have 72 hours to provide the videos or reply to us about acknowledging the receipt of this email and provide us with a plan to provide the videos. If no reply is received, after 72 hours the account may be blocked.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the requirements and we would be happy to provide you with more details.

We would also kindly invite you to send us the documents mentioned below:

1. A copy of your self-certified ID with a note. This implies that you send us a photo of yourself holding the identity proof and a piece of paper on which you should write the word “……” in your hand next to your face. Identity proof can be a government issued ID (driver’s license, passport or any national identity proof).

You may e-mail your document(s) as a scanned file or digital photo replying to this e-mail. You can also upload it to your account under Account > My Details > Verification. We accept files in .jpeg,.jpg,.pjpeg,.png,.gif,.pdf formats with a maximum size of 5MB per document.

We can assure you that the system we operate is totally encrypted and that your documents will be held in a secure database to be viewed only by a specialist team.

So that’s really a lot of stuff that the support demands. Clearly security is super important and the tables have to be fair, that’s is not disputed. But is it justified for a player to provide all these requirements?

Almost everyone that receives such an email is guilty

Let’s assume that in 90% of cases PartyPoker is absolutely correct, or even in 95% of the cases and a player has violated the guidelines, i.e. shared the account with one or more people (account sharing) or even poker -Bot used. So far so good, but what about the other 5-10% who played completely fair and didn’t do anything? Maybe just played more than usual, didn’t sleep much, had a vacation or whatever. Is it actually reasonable that this small percentage has to suffer and meet the demands that the account is not blocked?

Hence, we can tell you from our own experience that the poker room is really 90-95% right. It is not wrong to block a player that defaults.

But what happens to innocent players? Are they going to suffer because of the fraudulent activities that was discovered in the room? In our own point of view, it is completely unacceptable to do all of the requested things on partypoker’s email. Clear documents, selfie with notes etc. all well and good, even recording a session, although such programs also cost money. But in addition to the whole thing, also recording a video of yourself actually goes too far in our opinion and penetrates too much into the privacy of a player. The poker room also demands that you need to have a video camera to record your play.

YourPokerDream Comment: Play fair and honest, otherwise your gaming experience will be over soon!

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