3 Common Poker Mistakes You Need to Avoid

3 common mistakes of online poker players

There are no doubts that poker is a game of skill and luck. Most poker players only put their hard-earned money in the pot when they know they had absolute nuts. You need to know that waiting for these nuts is actually a way to go bankrupt and lose all your money.

If you are a poker player and you don’t win games, then you have glaring holes in your strategy. You also need to improve your poker games. In this article, we will take a detailed look at 3 common flaws amateur poker players make.

Being Too Overconfident

Most poker players think that they are better than everyone else than they actually really are. This is likely because most players, at some point, experience a short-term level of success; because of that, they become too overconfident. Very few poker players continue to play the game even when they lose their first 20 games or a few games more. The ones who experience short-term level of success need to stop being too overconfident. If you want to become a great poker player, you need to spend more time at the table and pay attention to details. When you are away from the table, spend quality time studying every aspect of the game.

Playing Poker Games Much Bigger Than Your Bankroll

Another common mistake amateur poker players make is playing poker games beyond their bankroll. Most poker players ensure they keep at least 100 buy-ins, which means that they play $500 buy-in tournaments and keep at least $50,000 in their bankroll. Again, lots of amateur poker players keep a small amount of money devoted to poker, and this often gives them more concerns about the money they risk. If you have about $3,500 and you risk about $500 out of it, it is totally understandable how pressurized you will be. Let’s say you risk about $500 out of $5,000, you will make clear and better decisions.

Creating A Default Strategy and Sticking to It All in Your Poker Career

Another common mistake amateur poker players make is developing a default strategy based on what they are comfortable with and staying to it all in their poker career. This mistake often leads to a bluff path all the time. They always say in their heart “I always call with top pair,” “I will always hit my draws.” These notions always lead them to make many mistakes, because ideally, it’s not every time that you might hit. It is important to know that the best players make the right play based on the present situation that they are in to and not the situation they were in the last time they played.

Final Words

It is better to stop playing poker games based on your emotions. Those who also take their opponents do very worse; if some re-raises you, instead of being upset and angry, show them who is boss. Lastly, ask yourself why you do things the way you do, when you aren’t getting the right results.


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· Published 28.06.2020 · last updated 28.06.2020