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July 4, which is known as the AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY, is revered by U.S citizens; it is set to be a day for gamblers that call England, United Kingdom their home. Gamblers in England, United Kingdom received the news that casinos will be reopened soon with open hearts and joy when it was announced by the betting and gaming council (BGC). Lockdown relaxations around the country have given way to reopen companies and establishments that had been closed. Currently, regulations and rules are being developed and placed for a successful re-opening.
During the announcement, the date was set as a result of the decline in COVID-19 pandemic with a plan to cancel if there is any reason that the lives of citizens are put at risk. Leisure facilities were also permitted to re-open on July 4.
Casino operators and managers that met with the betting gaming council were pleased with the announcement; they made a promise that safety rules and regulations will be put in place to ensure the safety of their patrons and staff in accordance with anti-COVID -19 guidelines.

One of the safety rules and guidelines put in place is the mandatory assurance to maintain social distancing and adhere to strict healthy hygiene in the casino at all times. Hand sanitizers are to be used by both staff and patrons when entering or leaving the casino, joining or leaving gaming tables, etc.

Social distancing involved a 2-meter space away from the next person which is also extended to playing within the gaming tables, queues inside and outside the casino. While it may be hard to enforce these rules and guidelines inside the casino due to the huge number of patrons’ space have been created with the removal of some of the gaming tables to ensure that the rules are being followed. One way systems in the floor plans are being deployed in the prospect that it will help maintain distance and also the use of Plexiglas. Gaming machines are to be cleaned in the aftermath of each play and ATMs sanitized hourly.

MICHEAL DUGHER, the chief executive of the betting gaming council was quoted saying: ‘’vital contribution is made to the economy by casinos, which involved taxation and employment and show in a small percentage in hospitality, tourism, and entertainment sectors. He also mentions the huge role the casino played not only in the fight against the current disease pandemic but also the supports offered to communities in terms of services- the use of casino venues and provision of food brought from their kitchen’’.

Saying also ‘’it good that the casino is set to re-open in July, with the assurance that they will be ready to open back safely’’. It was also revealed that not casinos in the country will be set to open on July 4, on the point that some venues are high-end with clients who consist mostly of tourist who reside overseas, who can’t enter the country willing based on the travel restriction still imposed in the country.

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