Has the poker boom drawn to a close?

Online poker 2020

In this article, you will find out how online poker traffic has changed at medium and high limits in summer in comparison to spring 2020; which poker rooms have increased in players, and the poker sites that have significantly lost the cash game traffic.

The decline in traffic in the summer after the poker boom

During the spring of 2020, a real online poker boom was reported: traffic indicators at medium and high limits skyrocketed. There were lots of good games that many grinders compared this time to the middle of 2000 when the grass was greener.

Currently, summer has arrived – the most unpopular time for online poker. Although the whole world is still in lockdown, it is not as strict as it was during the spring.  The lockdown on open casinos, bars, cafes, and restaurants affected the performance of online poker traffic.

The poker rooms traffic was analyzed at the limits of NL100 on Wednesday, June 24th midnight.

 NL100 cash games and fast poker traffic comparison (Hold’em)

The most dramatic drop in traffic was felt by 888poker. Three months after the boom, traffic on the NL100 fell by 75%.

At American PokerKing, the number of users at NL100 cash tables dropped by 25%, and almost 50% at fast poker tables. And also 28% fewer players at TigerGaming’s NL100 fast poker tables.

The number of players at fast poker tables at the NL100 limit at GGPoker decreased significantly: 26 unique users (this is 65% less than in March), but in cash games, the flow of players increased by 23%.

Partypoker turned out to be the leaders in traffic: both at the cash tables and fast poker tables, the number of players increased.

At PokerStars.es fast poker tables, the indicators remain stable, but the cash games dipped by 24.5%.

At Unibet, traffic increased by 13%.

At PokerMatch and PokerHouse, traffic on the NL100 and above was low in March and has completely disappeared in June.

NL200 and higher traffic analysis

An ambiguous situation formed at the high stakes tables in June. On the one hand, the ultra-expensive games which were quite popular in the spring are dead. However, traffic at fast poker tables remains at the same level while cash tables at limits up to NL1K even higher.

At 888poker, traffic at regular high stakes cash tables has completely disappeared. It is no more possible to find games higher than the NL100 there.

GGPoker has increased on all the limits, but the most expensive ones from NL2K and higher, where the Croatian player was bored lonely in the lobby. But overall, the situation at this poker room is positive, and the number of unique players at the limits from NL200 to NL1K has almost doubled.

The NL200 cash tables at partypoker became not so active as in April. However, on the NL500, the number of registrations is stable and was equal to 24. There were no games at the higher limits (only 4 people on NL1K).

PokerKing has faced with the NL200 traffic fall up to 75%. A slight decrease is observed on the NL400. At the same time, there was a high activity at NL1K and NL5K – all the seats were taken at the Bomb Pot table.

There were available cash games at Unibet: 27 players on the NL200, 32 players on the NL400.

Is the poker boom over?

It is possible to state that the poker boom has ended for the super expensive games that were popular and full during the overall lockdown. It is also nice to mention that since the former MPN poker rooms have moved to iPoker the network`s traffic has increased. due to the entry of former rooms of the MPN network.

The current trend is the following: cash game traffic is gradually decreasing. Meanwhile, poker providers do their best to maintain the traffic with the help of various promotions and series.

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