Partypoker MILLION Tournament Changes

partypoker management seems tired of the $215 MILLION weekly overlays, so it attempted to “save” the tournament. Will this help? Let take a critical look at this.

After a 13-year pause, the $215 classic partypoker MILLION is back to the poker room schedule. partypoker announced this event on October 2019 on its website and within a week, tournaments were found in the poker lobby. The tournament was supposed to solve the problem of players who need to go to work on Monday or take their children to kindergartens and schools.

It was possible to pass on the final day during the first 4 days. The structure was the same: a starting stack of 100,000 chips (200 BB), a 10-minute blind increase, and 21 levels of the game.

The final day was scheduled for November 3, but it was not destined to take place. Players who participated in day 1D were unable to register on day 2. As a result, this turned into an overlay, cancellation of the tournament with $1,800,000 as compensation.

Two weeks later, the tournament still took place. The first partypoker MILLION champion was a British poker pro, known under the nickname Velazquez76. He took away $152,770 in prize money and a ticket worth $10,300 for the upcoming MILLIONS Online with a $ 20,000,000 guarantee.

Later on December 30, the tournament did not take place again due to a technical malfunction. The current partypoker manager said that this could not continue anymore – if the guarantee does not begin to be collected in early 2020, the tournament will be removed from the schedule.

What has changed in the $ 215 partypoker MILLION?


Previously, players couldn’t choose any of the many first days off. The way to the final day could only be won in phases of $2.20. Now, partypoker is back to basics and has redesigned the system into a simpler format. A ticket to any of the 7 days off for $215 can be won in the good old satellites for $22. And for the $22- in cheaper selections for $2.20.

Instead of nicknames, real names are now visible in the lobby, which gives players additional information about their opponents.

In the old format, the tournament ended on Sunday, now the final day will have to finish the game on Monday. And this innovation did not seem convenient to everyone.


Implemented changes have also affected the tournament’s structure. The starting stack remains the same – 1 million chips in the blinds 5.000 / 10.000, ante 1.000. But the duration of the levels has doubled – 20 minutes.

Micro and Mini Limits

The good news for all micro-limits lovers is that Micro and Mini are back. At the request of the players, the low limits table was returned. They take place at the same time as the “big” MILLION.

Entrance to Micro is $ 2.20, warranty is $ 10,000. A bonus for the winner will be a ticket for WPT for $ 1.015.

For the Minigame, you need to pay $ 22 and a guarantee of respectively $ 100,000. And here the winner will receive a WPT ticket, only a little more expensive – for $ 3,200.

On June 8th, partypoker MILLIONS began with the changes. To break through the $ 1 million guarantees, about 5,000 entries are needed. This means that every day 1 there should gather 700+ players. While the numbers are far from ideal – 535 people managed to participate in the first two days, 47 switched to Day 2. However, it is too early to make conclusions, Sunday will show whether the current upgrade of the MILLION tournament was successful.

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· Published 11.06.2020 · last updated 11.06.2020

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