Live poker vs. online poker

Live poker vs. online poker

When playing any poker game or even the No-limit Hold’em, we know that live and online poker makes use of the same set of rules that control the game, although most of the principles and strategy used are more times alike, some main differences can be pointed out between the two poker games.

The game is still similar and not entirely different from each other, but there are still some key rules used to play the games, and if a player who plays live poker switches to online or vice versa he/she may have to adapt to the game.

Outlined below are some key differences that separate the two games so as for either new or regular players who may want to try his/her hands in either game.

  1. Live Games are played with a slow pace

Players who play online poker are more involved in playing at different tables at once – making use and seeing various hands –  but at live games, each player is expected to play at a single table, and there are played slowly.

Reasons for this are that live operators make use of time to deal and shuffle cards, distribute pot, collect chips, and so much more. Secondly, most live players like to consider all choices before they play, especially if low stakes are involved.

Players from online games may find this frustrating and time-wasting, but it is the game, and nothing can be done about it except to follow and learn.

  1. Live games rake-in are often high

Normally, rake-in is usually a topic that most players are not too happy with, but in live games, it is much harsher in this aspect.

Although, it is an accepted fact that in each game a certain percentage of your win goes to the house, sometimes it is frustrating because no matter the amount of pot won, the fixed percentage of that game is given to the house.

To the casinos, this is done for them to recover their cost of the fixed tables which they cannot duplicate, unlike the online games.

  1. Online play offers more freedom in playing

When you playing online poker, freedom to play at any time and still find some tables playing with high traffic is possible. Day or night, some tables are still available making it easy to set a schedule to play cash games. On the other hand, live games only spread between afternoon and night with lots of traffic generated only on weekends.

  1. Win Rates, when compared to online, is lower

Even though chances of winning big at a live game are high, the pace at which it is played is slow, compared to online games. Online poker offers opportunities to play several games to accumulate more wins and rewards.

  1. Opportunities to play more multiway pots

In live games, opportunities to engage in more multiway circumstances are given either in a cash or tournament game. For an online poker player with a bad hand, you have a choice to move on to the next table. For live game players, they are compelled to sit at one table and make use of their given game hands.

Cold-calling 3-bets are often used by players in live games giving other players no choice but to join, stay patient, and watchful for a good spot.

Choosing between the two games is a preferred choice but it depends on the player. Both varieties are interesting, intriguing, and fun. Hence, learning and adapting to the rules and guidelines of both games is the most important to maintain your winning streak.


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· Published 12.07.2020 · last updated 12.07.2020