Natural8 thinks a little differently than other operator and we are a bit schocked

We recently reported on the drastic changes Natural8 made to affiliates that forced us to make various adjustments to our promotions and how we will promote Natural8 from now on.

It is not our way of speaking badly about our partners, but we will remain true to our line and report openly and transparently about all. We have received an email from Natural8 with various statements and information, which we now want to publicly analyze and comment on.

Before we do that, however, we want to make it clear that no one has to be afraid to play there. With regards to withdrawals, there have been no problems so far and all players have always been paid out, even larger amounts.

Now let’s analyze Natural8’s statements a little

  1. Bring some balanced (mix of winning/breakeven/losing players) or losing traffic to the room
  2. Have a sustainable business by itself so they can expand it and thrive with Natural8 through a mutually beneficial partnership
  3. Have a strategy to continuously get new signups in a certain local market i.e running an internet café, heading a union or a community, owning a night club etc
  4. Take care of their customers in any circumstances and throughout their Natural8 journey from the on-boarding (account creation, first deposit…), to the day to day experience and questions (bonuses, promotions, withdrawals etc)

In short, you should use this opportunity to increase the number of players under your care that includes recreational players and/or a few high rollers (that could balance the negative impact of the professional and regular players if you would bring any through your affiliation).

Comment from YPD: Well so far so good. Everything Natural8 wants is actually the normal standard for a well-functioning affiliate and especially for YourPokerDream. Good that they understood that a healthy balance is important when it comes to winning and losing players. The approach here is okay so far and there is actually nothing negative to say. But …… How does Natural8 imagine that? You take away from the affiliate by foolishly changing all deals, the possibility to motivate a high roller or a reasonably normal regular, because we have almost no budget anymore for a normal rake race or a cool VIP promo.

But of course they would very much like to have high rollers and players who generate a lot of rake. Yes, that’s great if Natural8 makes good money, only the affiliate doesn’t.

Why should YPD recommend Natural8 to any good player and prefer to promote this brand? Because we can earn less or even make a minus? Because the player at Natural8 has fewer extras than at other partner rooms of ours? Guys, lets be realistic. Natural8’s strategy can never work. It is quite clear that we try to send our players to other partner sites.

All affiliates must not:

1)  Advertise and offer any fixed rakeback amount or percentage on top of the Fish Buffet rewards. Any other promotion like leaderboards, tournaments, gifts are allowed.
2)  Poach any customers already playing on GGNetwork under any circumstance. We have strengthened our multi-account detection to make sure this does not happen.
3) Affiliates are very valuable to us as they enable us to gain access to regions and players that would usually be harder to reach. But it is clear to us that not all our current affiliates are aligned with our vision and above criteria. That is why we have been acting stricter when approving new accounts lately as well as removing the ones that were inactive or hurtful to the network ecology. This will continue until we are happy with the ones that remain.

Comment from YPD: Point 1 is clear and also nothing new. Unfortunately, many of the competition don’t stick to it, but in itself that’s perfectly fine and that’s how it should be.

Point 2 is understandable in itself, but cannot be implemented at all in practice. 90% of affiliates only work in this way and try with all their might to entice players away from an affiliate / skin by offering 2% more rakeback. It shouldn’t be like that, but that’s the truth. We would be happy if it were different, but that’s the way it is and nothing will change. Apart from that, you can not blame the player and it is not forbidden to have a player account on multiple skins.

The idea itself is OK, but as we said, it cannot work in practice. We are one of the few affiliates who dont do it and see what we get as result from Natural8!

Point 3: Natural8 has rightly recognized that almost every affiliate does not do what they want and does not comply with the rules. With the few affiliates like YourPokerDream who work honestly and do exactly what Natural8 wants: looking after all players, giving support, support with depositing and withdrawing, a healthy balance with regard to professional and casual players, etc.

YourPokerDream can offer all of these things. But they decide to go a way and make our life so difficult that we have no way anymore to promote them active and bring good traffic.

Again a short explanation of the changes Natural8 has introduced for affiliates. Billing for affiliates has changed completely. It has to be mentioned here that there is not a single poker room in the world that calculates everything this way.

Old Netrake calculation at Natural8: $ 1,000 rake (PVI already deducted) – $ 400 fish buffet – $200 welcome bonus – $ 40 transaction fees ($ 1,000 deposit) = $360 Netrake

The affiliate receives his commission from this $360. To make it easy, let’s say 50%. The affiliate would receive $180 and would have to finance his promotions/deals from this money.

New calculation Netrake at Natural8: $ 1,000 rake (PVI already deducted) – $400 Fish Buffet = $ 600 Netrake and the commission

Let’s say again the affiliate gets 50%, which in this example would be $300. From that $300, the $200 in welcome bonus and $40 in transaction fees will be deducted from this commission. This means that the affiliate only earns $60 ($ 120 less than before) and therefore, there is no much space left for any special promotions/deals. Let’s not forget that we only assumed a deposit of just $1,000 in this example. If the deposit is higher and there is also a withdrawal, an affiliate comes to a loss at the end of the day.

Comment from YPD: Respect Natural8! Just change the deal so that you earn 2-3 times more and the affiliate makes almost nothing or even minus while you fill your pockets. That sounds like a very fair and profitable partnership for both sides …… uh wait, only profitable for Natural8 and as far from fair as the Venus from our planet Earth. What else can you say?

You have to consider that the affiliate has to bear 100% of the costs for the welcome bonus, but must not determine how much the player receives. It is simply said $ 100 or $ 500 or whatever, the affiliate pays anyway 100% of the cost. Then the crazy transaction fees when a player deposits or withdraws directly via the cashier. 4% for each deposit and 1% for each withdrawal. Natural8 thinks: Hey please bring some good players who deposit 5-10k, that would be great. Sure, that would be great for Natural8, because we pay the cost of $ 200-400. The real transaction fees are actually $ 5 if we talk about BTC, By Skrill/Neteller max 2,5%.

We have really experienced a lot in this industry, but this really crazy stuff. As if all of this wasn’t sad enough, they actually really thinks that any normal affiliate in the world focuses on Natural8 and tries to find many good players. In which world should this work?

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· Published 19.07.2020 · last updated 19.07.2020

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