BestPoker’s move to the iPoker network is even worse than the Betsson Group

We recently reported that Betsson Group’s move to the iPoker network was anything but good, at least we thought. But if you look at the chaos at BestPoker for over 3 weeks, you’d notice that the Betsson Group didn’t do it too badly.

We assumed that at BestPoker, there would be an unproblematic change, there were never any problems so far and everything went smoothly. Since July 1st 2020, nothing works anymore; in fact, we mean that “NOTHING” works anymore.

It took the Betsson Group almost 11/2 weeks to get everything working again; we were amazed how no tracking links worked for 2-3 days, and how we had to wait almost 11/2 weeks to see the normal statistics again. In the meantime, everything is relaxed and running again as we were used to in the past.

On the other hand, BestPoker’s tracking link wasn’t working after 3 weeks of migration, and worst of it all, there is no date as to when it will be resolved soon.  This doesn’t make our work easier because we lose new registrations due to the tracking link.  If a player doesn’t send us his username, we can’t link him/her to us, and nobody except BestPoker benefits from it.

Of course, we also cannot upload any YPD points, and therefore our 25k Main Rake Race is not updated correctly since we have no data. Also, these will be imported afterwards and nothing will be lost, but if this problem with BestPoker still lingers after July is over, we have to come up with something for all players as compensation because they are not necessarily listed in our race.

At least it works with the 30-35% flat rakeback, so our players shouldn’t despair – and there is a new welcome bonus for everyone.

Still, the question remains on why the switch to another poker network went badly

BestPoker and Betsson Group are big names, and they have been active in the industry for a long time. This means that any migration should be a bit pleasant for everyone involved, and it shouldn’t only be in the interest of the poker room.

Such changes come as no surprise, but they should have dealt with the technical changes in advance and test certain things to ensure a smooth transition when the move is due. With today’s technical possibilities, a problem like this can be tackled very calmly in advance, tested on a test platform and rectified complications if they occur. So it doesn’t have to be the way it is.

We can only hope that BestPoker will finally find its way back to normal so that everyone involved can work quietly again. We hope for the best and are convinced that everything will run smoothly very soon.

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· Published 23.07.2020 · last updated 23.07.2020

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