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The online gambling world could take a new direction after COVID-19 is over. The lockdown made many poker players switch from live casinos or card rooms to online poker.

Furthermore, lots of poker players have returned from a break with little activities to occupy themselves with during the long days, and at the same time, they have involved themselves with playing poker online.

When the lockdown began, traffic figures grew to an all-time high. Online poker saw a great increase, but sports betting was struck the most with almost nothing left to bet on expect for Russian table tennis and sumo-wrestling.

One questions that everyone is asking are these: will COVID-19 change the face of online poker, and can online maintain its popularity globally after the pandemic is over?

At the moment, WSOP2020 has already begun, with lots of activities still yet to come. Additionally, the WPT Championship Online kicks off today 18th July 2020 with more than $100 million GTD for the winners.

With all these prominent events as these being shown, online poker may surely keep its momentum in the poker industry. As a result of the current pandemic, media interests have increased and should keep the wheel moving greatly.

The journey so far hasn’t been rosy though due to the fact that the EU isolated market in Spain, France, and Portugal are back to the pre-lockdown phase again with Italy showing an overall decline in the past 6 months.

Enough Motivation to Fight

Poker forums are showing interest in poker training. It looks like, despite the pandemic, casual players have enough motivation to start working on their game and ensuring they are on the best websites for their needs.

Websites such as BestPoker and partypoker that offer both instruction and an avenue for players to earn money are invaluable for casual players.

The United States Gambling Market

The United States gambling market has attracted lots of attention over the years. There have been more than 8 years of struggle to fully legalize online poker, but only a few states in the country have done so.

The market place is still fresh for companies to invest and grow the industry.

It is important to know that about a week ago GVC and MGM Resorts boosted their investments into a joint venture known as Roar Digital. It was proposed that they plan to dominate the market within 5 years. With about 200 million put into this investment, it is evident that they see a future in online poker in the U.S.

Kenny Alexander GVC CEO said that the partnership is ready to spend more just to dominate the market.

But could they be a danger when online poker is ignored because of how lucrative sports betting and casinos are?

It is important to know that licensed gambling companies are focused on the sports betting side of online gambling in the United States, according to Bonusfinder.

Matthew Carr, Chief Trends Strategist for The Oxford Club, said that: “…a potential $150 billion industry no one’s talking about. We’re seeing one of the greatest gaming expansions in the U.S. in more than 20 years.”

He also added that in the next few years, 36 states out of 50 states in the United States will legalize gambling. But there is no guarantee if poker players in the U.S will be able to compete with players in other countries.

At the moment, we have to be joyous with the growth online gambling has seen. There’s a lot to think about in 2020 as companies begin to reopen again.

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