Keeping the tables soft and fair is more difficult than you think

Online poker has changed a lot in the last few years and it is definitely not 2010 anymore. The field of players has become stronger, over the years numerous technical aids have been developed to help every player with his decisions. GGPoker has set itself the goal of making the game at the virtual tables as fair as possible and also a clear idea of ​​what is allowed and what is not allowed.

Sure, most professional gamers cannot or do not want to understand that because they want to print money. But from the point of view of the provider, things look a little different. Of course, the goal cannot be for the professionals to avoid each other and leave the table immediately when a supposedly bad player ends the game. Over time, programs were immediately developed that automatically searched the tables for bad players in order to track down the fish. All of this doesn’t exist at GG and the goal is to make online poker fun again and the tables are fair for all players.

We took a closer look at the security guidelines of the GG network and analyzed various points. It should be mentioned that online poker is changing in general and all providers are leaning in the same direction. GG, however, is a bit more extreme than other providers and the success proves them right.

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What you should definitely not do when playing in the GG network


Predatory Behavior is defined as User activities focused primarily on engaging in unethical advantages and tactics to exploit other players in order to gain unfair profit. These include, but are not limited to; bum hunting, collusion, use of artificial intelligence, ratholing, grimming, hit and running, buttoning and other unethical actions (mostly deemed unethical by consensus of the poker community

GG can initiate various measures in the event of misconduct at the tables:

  • Written warnings
  • Short-term exclusion from play (30-60 days)
  • Exclusion from the game forever (Withdrawal of the balance is possible)
  • Exclusion from gaming forever (No withdrawal of the balance is possible)

Should the GG network make such a decision, it naturally applies to the entire network and every skin of the network. Of course, such measures are only taken in exceptional cases, because they want to keep all players at the table and not drive them away. But first and foremost, it must be ensured that all players behave fairly and respect the network rules.


Collusion is the behavior in which two or more Users establish a partnership to gain an unfair advantage over other Users at the same cash game table or same tournament. The Security Team’s general rules regarding collusion are (but not limited to):

1) User hands must be played independently, in their own best interests;
2) User must not have a partnership to gain an advantage over other Users;
3) User must refrain from “Soft-Play” i.e. the act of intentionally playing hands in a non-aggressive manner against another User who is either a friend, backer or another person of interest. The only exception to this Rule 3 is the “In The Money (ITM)” bubble and multi-handed situations past the money bubble in which one or more Users is all-in;

4) User must not “Chip Dump” i.e. the act of intentionally transferring funds (or tournament chips) through the manipulation of gameplay.

5) User must not share hole-card information with another User under any circumstances.

Unfortunately, collusion occurs more often than you think and there will always be people trying to cheat. The technical aids of the providers, however, are now so well developed that certain irregularities in the game can be discovered relatively quickly and fraudsters are quickly exposed.


Bum hunting is defined as the act of deliberately targeting one subset of (usually weaker) players while avoiding giving action to another subset of (usually stronger) players.

This point in particular is unclear for many players. It is very clear that there are good and of course bad players at the tables. GGPoker wants everything to be natural and that you sit down at a table and stay at it, no matter what types of players sit there at the table. The same applies if you are playing several tables at the same time. It is of course not a problem if you close one table in between and open another, but this should only happen very rarely.

Many professional players operate a specific table selection (selection of tables) and look for the weak players. If the weak player leaves the table, certain players immediately go to sitout and leave the table to open another, where the field of participants is weaker. That is exactly what is not allowed!

GG does not want you to target the bad players to take them out, you should play against all players and take the tables as they open.

So you should definitely avoid searching for fish and jumping from table to table, as otherwise there may be warnings, 30-60 days off or even permanent exclusion from the network.


GGPoker’s software package contains certain features designed to detect the use of automated programs that enable gameplay based on Artificial Intelligence. Use of such “bot” software programs is strictly prohibited.

GGPoker’s software may perform any or all of the following scans in order to detect the use of illicit automated programs and ensure that a “cheat-free” environment is maintained:
– Scan of all active software applications while our software is being used.
– Scan of all active processes while our software is being used.
– Scan of all activities for the potential use of artificial intelligence.
– Should any of the aforementioned processes reveal a suspicious application or process, the software may scan the files associated with the suspicious application or process and compile a composite mesh (a profile that characterizes the files associated with the application or process) to be matched against profiles for known illicit automated programs.

There are also no warnings or other indications when using bots. This behavior results in the immediate closure of the player account and the entire balance is retained.


GGPoker does not permit the use of certain third-party tools (External Assistance Programs).

A third party tool is prohibited if it:

a) plays without human intervention or reduces the requirement of a human to make decisions. A human must decide what action to take and the exact size of any bet or raise. Any tool or service which reads the current game state is considered to be a poker bot;

b) data mines: (i) hands or private results (observing games without playing in order to build up a database of hand histories for future reference) and (ii) the mass sharing of hands, private results or playing statistics for the purpose of analysis of opponents;

c) is a Heads-Up Display (HUD) i.e. a program that displays Users past tendencies and betting patterns;

d) is deemed by The Security Team to provide an unfair advantage over other Users;

e) assists in automatic seating or game selection efficiency;

f) analyses specific hand histories or User-defined situations using simulations, e.g. range calculation, nash equilibrium, ICM equity, solvers;

g) is a reference source that provides advice on advanced situations, such as relative position, stack size, opponent range, whether to call or raise, or exact proportions of hands to play(e.g, Nash chart, GTO chart, or similar tools).

A third-party tool is permitted if it:

i) assists only in tiling/aligning of tables;

ii) assists in the creation of macros and hotkey for gameplay efficiency that do not reduce the requirement of a User having to make a decision. The User must decide what action to take and the exact relative size of any bet or raise, with the macro or hotkey merely executing this decision. For example, a hotkey that bets half the pot is permitted. A hotkey that bets a randomized amount between half and three-quarters of the pot is prohibited;

So far it should be clear! Anything that helps to make a decision or gives information about the opponent is forbidden. If it’s all about design, or playing multiple tables at once and acting faster, it’s allowed.


GGPoker prohibits Users from opening multiple accounts on GGPoker.

In any circumstances, GGPoker strictly prohibits that Users register or participate in any single tournament from multiple accounts.

Also this points should be clear!


Ratholing includes, without limitation, incidents where a User plays short-stacked and upon hitting a certain chip threshold, the offending User intentionally leaves the table and immediately sits with a lesser stack at a new table of the same limit.

Again, everything should be clear. It is not allowed to take a seat at a No Limit 500 table with $ 100, then win $ 400 and immediately leave the table and then take a seat at another No Limit 500 table with $ 100. You should continue to play at the same table with the $ 500, or if you are already switching tables, you should do so with a stack of $ 500.


GGPoker prohibits players from making fraudulent or unlawful use of the software and prohibits players from breaking into, accessing, or attempting to break into the software and/or the Network with malicious intent.

GGPoker prohibits players from exploiting or attempting to exploit software bugs within the client for personal/mutual gain.

Also this points should be clear!

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· Published 07.08.2020 · last updated 16.02.2021

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