GGPoker Spin & Gold rake races on hold – all remaining races are on the go!

The announcement by GGPoker Network that the rake races for Spin & Gold players are not happening in September came as a bit of a surprise for many, especially since all the other rake race options were extended as expected. While GGPoker would not confirm, it is assumed that the races were paused this month due to the conversion of all the unused WSOP satellite tickets into T$ (tournament dollars).

With the WSOP online series coming to an end, GGPoker network converted all unused tickets into T$ about 10 days ago. With T$ players can now use them to buy-in for any of the regular Multi-table or Sit ‘n Go Tournaments as well as the buy-in for the Spin & Gold SnG tables .

Regular poker grinders may easily have accumulated a few thousand worth of T$ and the fastest way to convert these into cash is through the Spin & Gold SnG. These follow a super turbo blind structure and give players the chance at a huge win. It’s estimated that over 80% of players with T$ will try their luck in these quick tourneys – so expect the number of players and action to be exceptionally high this month at the Spin & Gold tables. GGPoker is aware of this and therefore has decided to hold off on the additional rake race in September since the action will be quite high without the added incentive of a rake race.

Clearly from the player’s perspective, it’s not the best news and there will be a lot of lost value. From a business point of view, however, it is entirely reasonable and sensible. Of course, GGPoker would certainly not have felt a huge drop in revenue had they let the race continue, but they did opt for the cheaper option which makes sense knowing how much they paid out in overlays during the WSOP series. Regardless of this one particular rake race, Gold Missions will still continue as well as the recently revised Fish Buffet Rakeback program for all players.

New rake races likely to return in October

As soon as the activity on the tables cools down a bit with players exhausting their T$ supply, there will almost certainly be another Spin & Gold rake race. After all, Spin and Go tourneys are the variant that often generates the most rake for a poker room so a rake race is the normal standard for most providers.

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· Published 21.09.2020 · last updated 25.07.2022

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