GGPoker opens the door a crack to players who have been banned from the GG network

A few weeks ago, GGPoker made headlines following an argument with high-stakes pro Tobias Duthweiler. The German cash game regular accused GGPoker of stealing $180,000 from him while GGPoker claimed they were simply following company guidelines in response to a player who had defied a previous ban on the network. Here is our article to catch you up on the backstory.

Although GGPoker had done every in accordance with their terms of service agreement (which clearly states banned players are not permitted), the issue caused a huge discussion among players online as to whether good players are generally not wanted in the GGPoker Network. This rumor has been around for a long time now and seems to keep getting re-kindled every time GGPoker takes disciplinary action against a regular player. Sure, GGPoker Network does follow a strict set of guidelines meant to keep the tables fair and ensure the poker ecosystem is consistent and doesn’t scare off new players, but this has now clearly been laid out by GGPoker in their terms of service (and recently Tweeted out following the Duthweiler controversy). Most of their rules are to the benefit of the vast majority of poker players and are their to prevent some players for gaining an unfair advantage. The portion on bumhunting is unique to their network and definitely impacts a portion of the professional poker playing crowd, but the benefit to the entire pool of players is clearly understandable.

YourPokerDream would also like to point out that in our 2.5 year partnership with GGPoker, none of our players have been banned. This includes some regular poker grinders who have already cashed out over $100k+.

For those of you who have not yet had a chance to read GGPoker’s guidelines on ensuring a fair poker experience, take a read at the link below:

GGPoker is responding to the negative headlines

Negative headlines on poker news sites and angry Twitter comments have an impact on poker sites and GGPoker has decided to reach out to calm some of the fears of players. GGPoker has tried to change the opinion of some poker regulars that they are against winner players. To do that, and in the spirit of increasing goodwill, they are willing to individually review the accounts of players who have been previously banned, for bumhunting or other issues against their security and ecology agreement, a chance to have their ban review and be allowed to play again.

Any player has the opportunity, for a limited period of time, to submit an application to be approved as a player again on the GGPoker network. To make an application, the player must contact directly and provide the following details:

1. Nickname;
2. Approximate date when the ban was issued;
3. Full legal name; and
4. A copy of a valid identification document showing proof of current address.

GGPoker Network clarifies its stance on the topic of winning players

There was also another statement issued on the subject of regulars and GGPoker. They clearly laid out into which groups players are divided and what exactly is a good regular in the eyes of GGPoker. These “good” grinders are always welcome at their tables.

It’s easy to argue about the details of the categorization of poker players, but the basic underlying philosophy is perfectly fine. GGPoker Network has shown its commitment to players as they have ensured all the guidelines are transparent and shared with the public to avoid any misunderstandings.

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· Published 02.09.2020 · last updated 03.09.2020

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