PokerStars plans to work with affiliates in the poker industry

To our surprise, we were contacted recently by PokerStars for a possible collaboration. Basically, we are always ready to talk with the StarsGroup, because they are a serious provider.  Nevertheless, we remain true to our course and communicate openly to our community.

We responded openly to the StarsGroup, the type of deal we envisioned for a possible collaboration to occur. We also stated that we would promote other providers much more because, presently, we already have good contracts, agreements, and offers for players with other providers like GGPoker. The poker community has not welcomed the changes brought by PokerStars in recent years, and as a result, the number of poker players keeps reducing. PokerStars have been the number one provider, but GGPoker seems to be a real competitor, taking the lead.

It seems that PokerStars is aware and surprised by GGPoker’s strides; that why it wants to partner with poker affiliates like YourPokerDream.

Over the years, PokerStars neglected poker affiliates. The conditions were just sad and far from acceptable. Even if some affiliates were to promote PokerStars more, in our opinion, that would not change the fact that GGPoker will climb the throne in the future. There is no doubt that a poker affiliate would have to change its activities and strategies if it collaborates with PokerStars. There is much to be doubted!

What area is GGPoker better than PokerStars?

GGPoker is almost better than PokerStars, except for the fact that PokerStars is more popular. In the past few years, Stars deteriorated drastically. Numerous jobs were cut and relocated to cheap foreign countries, which severely affected the quality of its customer support. Stars increased its rake deals for different variants, utterly abolished its popular Rakeback program, and replaced them with uninteresting ones.

The number of players keeps falling over the years due to these, and the poker community is unsatisfied.

Is it profitable for YourPokerDream to partner with PokerStars?

We have to see it from different angles. Everyone knows PokerStars is one of the largest and most reputable providers out there. Also, it isn’t straightforward to promote such a well-known brand.

If we consider it from the financial perspective, a possible partnership will depend a lot on the deal. But also, we are cautious because a weaker deal at PokerStars may be worth more than a more robust agreement with any other provider. Deals like this always depend on small prints in the background, and the deducted amount to know a player’s netrake, which is essential to calculate an affiliate’s commission. For affiliates, it is a clear advantage if the player does not receive a lot of Rakeback from the poker room, because the less Rakeback a player gets, the higher the netrake. But that’s only one point out of many because there are taxes, transaction fees and if the deal is longterm.

Just because a provider promises a high deal that looks appealing doesn’t automatically mean that they’ll give so much in the end.

We are not averse to working together with PokerStars, but the offer must be right and lucrative.


· Published 21.09.2020 · last updated 04.04.2021