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The WSOP Online Main Event Winner 2020 is Stoyan Madanzhiev

Betkings’ player Stoyan Madanzhiev makes every poker player’s dream come true by taking 1st place in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event. The WSOP 2020 took place in the gg network, because of the COVID-19 situation all over the world.

The Hold’Em No Limit Main Event, with its $5,000 buy-in and the 5,802 entries, managed to push the guaranteed $25 million to a staggering prize pool at $27,559,500, making it the highest GTD for an online tournament in history. The $3,904,686 won by Mandazhiev is the biggest prize ever awarded in an online event.

The WSOP victory is the most significant achievement in his career so far. Before this event, Mandazhiev has demonstrated potential in live tournaments, where he had visible results, such as the 14th place at the 2019 Merit Poker Western Tournament. However, his historical 1st place supersedes every other achievement in his career and launches him among the world’s most prominent poker players today.

On the Final Day of the tournament, Stoyan Madanzhiev, except for a downswing, kept the lead in the tournament’s top position until the Final Table. He entered it matched in the stack only by Tyler Rueger, but quickly conquered the lead and kept it all the way till the end.

The online WSOP was the perfect playground for Stoyan Madanzhiev, who is mainly an online poker player. He was able to demonstrate his exceptional skills and determination in pursuit of the tournament’s victory.

His poker journey started more than ten years ago, playing with micro stakes and gradually evolving his game to perfection.

Stoyan Madanzhiev, a regular in online tournaments, entered the WSOP on, currently the most popular poker site in Stoyan’s circles. is part of the GGnetwork.

Betkings’s services are of the highest standard, and it offers the most comfortable environment so that poker players and focus on their play. The success of Stoyan Madanzhiev is the best proof of Betkings excellent services and dedicated support.

3 more bracelet winners on the gg network skin BetKings

Before Stoyan Madanzhiev success, other 3 Bracelets were secured on this fast-growing poker skin:

  • 16/08 WSOP Event #63: $500 Mini Main Event – $843,460 Won by Ivan Zufic, 1st ever Croatian Bracelet and Betkings Player.
  • 20/08 WSOP Event #67: $500 Limit Hold ’em – $45,102 Won by Gregor Müller, Austrian grinder, Betkings player.
  • 03/09 WSOP Event #81: People’s Choice Event [Spin the Wheel] – $1,050 6-handed No Limit Hold ’em Bounty – $243,415 Won by Nicolò Molinelli, Italian, Betkings regular.

And now, the historic achievement:

  • 06/09 WSOP Event #77: $5,000 No-Limit Hold ’em Main Event – $3,904,686 Won by Stoyan Madanzhiev – The Greatest poker title ever crowning a lifetime dream – Betkings player.

When a top of the line service joins forces with the most groundbreaking poker network, every player is set on the path to express his potential at best, as confirmed by $5,117,663 Betkings paid out to its Bracelets.

Interview with the WSOP Main Event Winner 2020

Congratulations on this historic win! You are the first-ever WSOP online world champion. Do you even realize that you have just made history? How does it feel?

– Thank you very much! Yes, it’s a fact: I am the first one who won it online, I am humbled. It would feel just as great if it was live too! Winning this bracelet feels incredible! It’s even more than a dream…

How did you celebrate this historic win?

– First I started screaming, then jumping around, and that was for like 15 minutes! I had a few drinks with friends. Still don’t have the time for a proper party because there are many people who want to speak to me, do interviews etc. Probably once I get the bracelet I will celebrate properly.

How did your WSOP journey start? Can you tell us a bit about your experiences on GGNetwork, the host of the 2020 WSOP?

– I had a lot of fun playing at GG with all the stickers, and fun using the software. Also there was the feeling that you were participating in the WSOP, and it felt very special.

You qualified through Betkings. Anything that stands out as really positive on the site?

– Betkings was amazing with me. Very good assistance at any time I had questions. And they have great promotions. They really make me feel special.

When did you start playing poker?

– I started playing when I was in school, so more than 12 years ago. When I found out how much strategy is involved in the game I fell in love with it, and I’m still studying it and trying to get better at it every day.

It was a lot different back in the days, as there was not as much information to help you out and, poker analysis programs were not so advanced back then. So everyone had their own point of view in terms of what was correct and what wasn’t.

But nowadays you can do so much if you want to be good, and that makes it easier to get better.

Who is the biggest supporter of your poker career? 

– Of course there were some friends and fellow students who helped me believe I deserve to win big but to be honest I was my own biggest supporter and mostly believed in myself.

When did you decide to go pro, and at what age?
– I started playing freerolls at first and built bankrolls from nothing on different sites. My plan was to earn enough money monthly to make a living with poker by the time I got into a university. But then when I actually started going to university, I was already earning more money playing poker than most jobs pay, so I decided to play poker full-time. This was at the age of about 19-20, so maybe since then.

Do you play every day? How many hours a week do you estimate?

– I would say, I am a bit lazy with my play. In the past years I’ve been doing a lot of coaching and working with students I stake. So my time is split: 1 part is playing. Another part is working on improving my play. The last part is coaching.
I can’t say the exact amount of time I spend on playing. It depends on the weather and the city I am in :D But it’s between 40-100 hours a month usually.

We know you as a talented poker player. But what do you like besides poker? How do you like to spend your days?
– I like doing some outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, snowboarding, roller skating, riding motorcycles, playing sports. And then also meditation, yoga, meeting people. I’m still trying to explore life and try different things.

Tell us a bit more about the tournament.  Who was the hardest opponent for you approaching the final table?

–  Well at the final table, being the chip leader, I did not meet much opposition, so I can’t really say someone gave me a hard time. At the start of the tournament Bryan Piccioli, directly on my left, had a bigger stack and that felt a bit uncomfortable.

Deal-making was disabled for WSOP events. Was there a moment that you thought: “Oh, I wish I could make a deal?”

– No. I found out just today that it was not possible to make a deal. It crossed my mind before the final day if I would want to, but I never gave it to much thought. And once the action started I was so into the game that I decided to focus on playing and not to think about deals.

After the final hand, what went through your mind?

– Uaaah..Ohhh !!! Omggg. wtf, Aaaaah!! Something like that.

Many aspiring poker players will now look up to you and follow your footsteps. What kind of advice would you give them?

– To never think they understand the game enough, and to always try to get better. And try to work on every aspect of it, both mental and technical.

Regarding the WSOP, are you going to strive for more champion titles in the future?

– Not sure how easy it will be to win another bracelet considering the competition and field. But I will definitely try to win some more titles.

Now that you are WSOP world champion, what comes next for Stoyan?

– I don’t know yet… For the short term I thought about making some videos analyzing my hands on the way to the win, which I recorded on my screen. It’s not something which I planned thoroughly, but you can follow my Instagram @stoyanpoker and maybe you can find out what’s next for me there. 


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