Getting More Value from the Poker Hands at Showdown – Did You Know These 5 Steps?

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A poker hand consists of individual phases, the last of which is the showdown. If you would like to get better at playing poker, here are five tips to keep in mind.

This article shows how you can get some essential and useful information from your hand or your opponents’ hands. This, in turn, can help you to make better profits in the long term.

No. 1: The showdown is extremely informative

When it comes to the showdown, you get a lot of information about the opponent’s playing behavior. With this information, you may better play the next rounds and assess the overall situation. It makes perfect sense to look closely at how your opponent behaved with a particular hand in the long run.

The information from the showdown is precious, as it will help you understand your opponent’s mindset. Therefore, don’t just turn your head off after a lap; just let everything pass in review.

No. 2: Pay attention to the reaction of your opponent

It may sound banal to many, but psychology and behavior matter a lot in poker. So watch out for your opponent! Is your opponent confused when he saw your hand at the showdown? Did he expect a different hand from you because of your style of play? If you feel these little things, you will get better with the so-called “psycho tricks” after a while.

No. 3: Use the rounds to plan the next game a little

Don’t forget; others also have their tactics. Therefore, keep a close eye on your opponents and their cards during the showdown. Once you have analyzed how your opponents are playing, you can use this information to maximize your profit several times during play.

No. 4: Don’t be a target yourself – Avoid revealing a lot of information

You should carefully consider every step you take at the table. This, of course, also includes the showdown, as mentioned above. If you don’t have to show your hand, then don’t. So be strategic with showing your hands! Above all, don’t overdo it by showing bluffs. But if you can get away with a bluff, don’t be afraid to show it because your opponents might think you are bluffing more than you are.

No. 5: Keep in mind that not every lap works so easily

See the showdown as a recovery phase, a short break to reflect. If you lose, use the time the dealer needs to pass the chips. Stick to one strategy for some time to try out. The constant change of strategy is not incredibly successful. Just ask yourself: “What would happen if I repeated this move 1000 times?”

The showdown is the last phase of a poker round and a crucial and informative one for you to get used to the game, plan future rounds, and learn from successes and failures.


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· Published 21.10.2020 · last updated 21.10.2020