GGPoker has accepted the fight against solvers

Real-time assistance (RTA) is one of the hottest topics in online poker right now following a scandal that saw popular streamer Fedor Kruse being pulled from the community for fraud by his roommates.

On Wednesday, the GG network, which hosted many of the games in which Kruse won $ 90,000 with his “dream machine”, published an official statement

“We have re-dedicated our efforts to combatting RTA and have swiftly adopted enhanced RTA detection methods and improved our internal processes for handling these cheaters,” the report says. “Through our upgraded detection methods, we have discovered a small group of RTA users on GGPN. We have taken immediate action on those accounts as we continue to develop our processes.”

The website claims it recently banned 40 accounts from RTA use, with $ 1,175,305 confiscated from 13 of those accounts. According to reports, another 40 accounts have been “warned”, which probably means that 100% evidence has not been found on these player accounts.

You warn all players very clearly against using such programs and you drive a zero tolerance line. Those who use Real-Time Assistance (RTA) tools will receive a lifetime network lock and all funds will be confiscated, which is GGPoker’s toughest penalty and only comes into effect in very extreme cases.

The GG network depends on the help of the community

The problem of eradicating RTA usage can be delicate and difficult. This is partly because the best players in the world have reached an incredibly high level of play.

How you want to approach the matter, GG has already hinted at in the official statement. While understandably not revealing too much of the measures for fear of helping scammers stay one step ahead, two facets of their strategy have been outlined: data collection and analysis and player reporting.

“Massive increases in data analytics are a big part of our new process,” the website says. “We’d also like to highlight another critical factor. Our team analyzes poker hands based on our proprietary algorithms using some of the brightest poker minds. Your insights and input are continually improving our algorithms.

“Through this process, we can quickly establish whether GTO poker play has occurred. Once we have made this determination, we look at a variety of other factors to determine whether said GTO play involved the use of RTA.”

Player reports will be available on two fronts going forward. If players see something suspicious, they can immediately mark a hand history by clicking the appropriate symbol in the hand replay. Additionally, they can do the same when looking back at their game via the website’s proprietary Pokercraft tool.

While many have feared that RTA could be the death of online poker, the GGNetwork team tried to reassure anyone who persists in such fears that it definitely will not, definitely not on the GGNetwork

“While there is a public concern that RTA poses an imminent threat to the status quo because it is undetectable, it is obviously wrong,” says GG. “Our security team is fully aware of the various uses of RTA and we want to emphasize that RTA is verifiable.”

As far as technology is concerned, GGPoker is by far the best-positioned poker room in the world. You can already see that in the unique and ultra-modern software with its unique functions. So if anyone can get this problem under control, it will definitely be GG.

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