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· Published 03.10.2020 · last updated 16.07.2022

There are several advantages to playing at offshore poker sites

This article takes a detailed look at offshore poker sites: the advantages and disadvantages of playing there.

Playing online poker at an offshore poker room/site sounds unthinkable to many. For whatever reason, many associate the term “offshore” with something illegal or negative. It is essential to know that offshore companies give poker players protection and anonymity – but it is often exploited. It is safe to say that offshore sites aren’t dubious.

Especially in the online industry, offshore companies do have their headquarters in some exotic countries due to the tax advantages these countries offer.

Playing online poker through an offshore poker site

There is not much difference between offshore poker sites and onshore ones – except for licenses. It’s not 2010 anymore, and many countries in the world, especially in Europe, have regulated online poker, and they are earning a lot. So, poker sites need licenses to be able to offer services in any country.

Let’s take Switzerland as an example: due to a new law, it is no longer allowed to accept Switzerland players. Internet providers in Switzerland even block the URLs of major poker providers. Now, you would think that it was for all Swiss sites. But no, there are still poker sites for players from Switzerland. This was just one example of many.

The Winning Poker Network (WPN) is part of one of the world’s largest poker networks and has been in business for over 20 years. Players from Switzerland can continue to play there without any problems and compete with players worldwide. The same applies to Chico Network and TigerGaming skin.

Of course, these providers cannot offer their services without a license onshore, but who should do something about it? A letter or a clear message against an offshore company from Costa Rica and Panama? Well then, good luck with it.

The same applies to the USA. Online poker has been banned since Black Friday. There are exceptions only for a few countries where you can only play among yourself, and of course, through a licensed poker provider. In the WPN and Chico network, players from other states in the U.S. can play poker against other global players.

The same story goes for players from Romania, Bulgaria, and many other countries. They all find a home in different offshore poker rooms.

Offshore poker rooms are the last resort for players from countries where they are strict rules. More players from Germany may find themselves playing in offshore poker sites again from July 2021, depending on how the new gambling contract is designed.

E-wallet providers and Bitcoin make it possible

Since the usual payment methods such as Mastercard, Visa or bank transfer cannot be used on most offshore poker sites, everything is largely shifting to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Every player can deposit and withdraw anonymously and quickly.

As an alternative, there are also popular e-wallet providers such as ecoPayz and, depending on the provider, Skrill and Neteller, with which you can process all transactions on offshore sites.

Recommendation from YourPokerDream: Register with ecoPayz via YourPokerDream and immediately receive a VIP Gold status as soon as your account has been verified, and a free prepaid MasterCard.

With Bitcoin and e-wallet providers, offshore companies can easily handle all transactions. It is essential to note that the e-wallet providers mentioned in this article are reputable, licensed in the UK, and have millions of satisfied customers. The big names in the scene such as GGPoker, PokerStars, PartyPoker, Bwin and Co. also offer these payment options.

So if you don’t want to deposit and withdraw with a credit card or bank transfer, you will have no problem at all.

The advantages and disadvantages of these sites

Many gamers use offshore sites to remain anonymous and under the radar. In these sites, they are no taxes, and you won’t get queries. It is best to use Bitcoin to be safe 100%!

Of course, you also have to verify your player account with reputable offshore providers for internal reasons. Your data is not passed on to any authority or tax office because these companies work without any licenses. Although there is a valid gambling license – that’s clear – and it only exists in third-world countries far from Europe.

Do you want to play against players excluded from major providers in the USA, Spain, Swiss, and many more? Then it would be best if you choose WPN and Chico

A clear disadvantage is that depending on the provider and country you come from, only Bitcoin and ecoPayz may be offered as payment options. You won’t have a wide range of payment options with these offshore sites.

Additionally, there is no multi-language support, and everything is in English. However, this is not a big disadvantage.

YourPokerDream works with five very good offshore poker sites

As already mentioned in this article, the providers listed here are reputable and have been on the market for many years. Thousands of players are there every day, and there has never been a problem with payouts or the like.

It is essential to know that here, as with any other provider, the same rules apply. Fair play is a prerequisite, and anyone who tries to cheat is excluded from gaming.

All providers have a generous welcome bonus of up to $ 2,000; there are numerous promotions/rake races and an exciting VIP / Rakeback program.

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