GGPoker continues to grow due to a number of good reasons

In this article, we will take a detailed look at the success of GGPoker. We will make a few comparisons to other sites and explain why GG is still far from reaching its peak.

Just a few days ago, we reported that the number of players in the GGNetwork was increasing. The whole thing has nothing to do with luck or illegal stuff. They have managed to develop a fantastic product and do good work behind the scenes. GGPoker’s philosophy is good, especially the way it deals with poker affiliates.

These are the reasons why YourPokerDream has decided to promote GGPoker as a premium partner.

From a technical point of view, GGPoker is way ahead of other poker sites

One of the significant advantages of GGPoker is its cutting-edge software. GGNetwork offers a lot of unique features. With All-In Insurance, you can protect your hand from bad beats; with its PokerCraft analysis tool, you can polish up your game. Also, through GGPoker’s Hand Moments, you can share your essential hands and get expert feedback on your social network. Another cool feature is the Staking tournament, where you can buy a piece of your favorite player’s action or sell yourself.

Through its SnapCam, you can share your emotions with the other players at your table and send a short video to everyone. There is the Smart-Hud where you can download your played hands. And there is also the “Deal it Twice” function and so much more.

Furthermore, GGPoker offers Bubble Protection for players that register in good time before starting an MTT. Through GG’s Bubble Protection, a player can get his/her buy-in back if they are eliminated from the bubble shortly before the paid seats.

Besides the possibility of downloading hand histories, all other functions are only available for players in the GGNetwork. The key factor here is that GG has managed to make its software interesting for all types of players, be it professional poker players or regular casual players. Its website is user-friendly and easy to navigate – the same also applies to the GG mobile poker app.

Many poker rooms have stopped in recent years and have not developed any further in technical aspects, especially when it comes to the mobile sector.

The number of players is very high and there is plenty of action at all limits

Regardless of whether you are on small limits or looking for the right high-roller action, you can find 24/7 action at GGPoker, and that’s what a poker room needs.

GG is well represented on the Asian market and gives an enormous push in player numbers. But it’s not like other providers don’t have the same opportunities, so you can’t blame GG if they’ve done their job right and focused on this market. In the meantime, the GG brand has also arrived in Europe and all over the world. Especially the cooperation with the WSOP has, of course, increased the level of awareness enormously.

GGPoker is the perfect poker room for every type of player, and every effort has been made to keep it that way. A healthy balance between professional gamers and regular casual gamblers is vital for long-term success for any poker provider.

Working with affiliates like YourPokerDream

Of course, we can only speak from our point of view and judge based on our perception. GGPoker has unique requirements for affiliates. They want to work with affiliates that can refer a large number of new players to them naturally. It’s not in GG’s interest that certain affiliates target professional players and lure them to the tables with illegal Rakeback deals. Apart from that, Rakeback deals are also prohibited in the entire network, and you are not allowed to promise any player a fixed extra percentage as an affiliate. Unfortunately, there are too many affiliates on the market who have nothing to do but lure away winning players and try to draw them to another network’s skin with some illegal deals. Logically, the GG network is not interested in working with such affiliates because no one benefits when players jump from skin to skin.

It is also completely understandable that affiliates are not allowed to offer fixed Rakeback deals. That doesn’t mean that there is no Rakeback for players. On the one hand, there is the fish buffet and numerous rake races, and affiliates have the opportunity to organize promotions such as our exclusive VIP Rake Chase. GGPoker allows affiliates to offer players a lot of extra cash/Rakeback.

The negative aspect of GGPoker is its PVI, which is not transparent, and it also affects us as an affiliate. The idea behind it is perfectly fine, and there is nothing to be said. But it’s essential that its PVI is transparent and possibly introduce a minimum so that at least 50% of the rake generated is counted. Even if the PVI money is used to finance network promotions and marketing, in our opinion, it is still not justified and not that transparent.

On the other hand, GGPoker has always good and professional communication with us as an affiliate, and we expect that because we are one of the leading poker affiliates in the world. GG does always it’s best to create a good atmosphere that makes it for us as an affiliate very pleasant to work.

Payments from GGPoker come on time, and they are always ready to help our players if there is a problem. This should be part of the usual standard for an affiliate like YourPokerDream, but we can assure you that not all providers work this way.

If GGPoker continues to respect big affiliates and understand that they are essential for success, they will soon overtake PokerStars and stay at the top. Many operators have made the mistake of underestimating the importance and impact of a good poker affiliate. It seems like GG is smarter than others in this regard.

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600$ Bonus/6.000$ YPD Freerolls

Safety at the tables and protection of the players

The safety of every poker player at the tables should be paramount in any poker room. There will always be people trying to cheat; this is an issue that will always be a part of online poker.

GGPoker is also put its best to stop scammers as quickly as possible and keeping the tables clean. Regardless of whether it is about real-time solver (RTA), poker bots, accounts sharing, or whatever, GGPoker carries everyone along and avoids any technical problems. Fraudsters don’t have much fun at GGPoker.


GGPoker offers an exciting  Rakeback/ VIP system for players. Its Fish Buffet provides all players a lot of value; there are also numerous great promotions every month and various rake races worth several million USD.

The Fish Buffet program is also exciting for players who do not play such high limits and do not play that much.

And don’t forget the exclusive promotions/deals from YourPokerDream!

Dealing with winning players

Let’s be realistic and look at the whole thing from a poker room’s perspective, not a player’s point of view. Of course, as a player, you will want to print money as quickly and as much as possible. You want to target the worse players and take them out.

Of course, this cannot be in the interest of the poker room. That must be clear to everyone. It’s perfectly fine for a player to win, and GG has no problem paying a player 500k if they have to. But understandably, they want the players to play against every player and not immediately leave the table as soon as bad players (The Fishes) leave the table. Thus, some rules prohibit “bumhunting” and other harmful things to the general player pool.

Every player has to understand and accept this! Despite these rules, a professional player can play profitably and without problems on GGPoker.

A poker room’s interest applies to all players, and it strives to create the best possible gaming experience for everyone. Therefore, it is entirely understandable that hobby players are also protected so that they do not always sit at the tables with sharks. This way of thinking is why the number of players is so high and why even regular casual gamers feel comfortable.

Players assigned to a table should play at it, regardless of whether there are two bad players or none at all. That is what the GGNetwork wants and whoever sticks to it has no problems. Of course, it is not a problem if you are fed up with a table and decide to change it, but if you do that all the time, you will not be welcome as a player in the long term.

Important information for all players: It is utter nonsense that GGNetwork specifically blocks winning players and take their money just because they win too much! These are rumors and not the truth. Those who play honestly and stick to the rules are always welcome. We have a massive number of players playing there, and some of them have won a lot of money in the last 1-2 years; none of them got banned!

Read GGPoker’s network rules to ensure fair gameplay. If you’re not clear about the rules, ask the support or contact the YourPokerDream Team.

Wide range of payment methods (including Bitcoin)

There is a wide range of payment methods available, and Bitcoin is a big plus that speaks for the GGNetwork. Sure there are providers like Winning Poker (WPN) and Chico who also offer Bitcoin as a payment method.

BTC has now arrived in our society and is, therefore, very popular with poker players.

Final Words

The overall package is just right. Of course, not everything is 100% perfect at GGPoker, but what is ideal in our world? So far, they have managed to shape their product to appease the masses, and they work monthly to improve it to make sure it’s more enjoyable for every player.

Especially when it comes to security and software development, GGPoker remains top-notch.

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· Published 14.10.2020 · last updated 14.04.2022

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