Official Statement from YourPokerDream to make things more clear

We have received numerous inquiries from players concerned about rumours that have appeared on forums regarding alleged negative practices by GGPoker, namely blocking winning players and withholding funds in their accounts.

Our policy at YourPokerDream has always been to make looking after our players a major priority, so it is imperative that we reassure our valued community in confirming that these rumours are untrue.

Please note that we have never blindly protected a poker room, and always communicate with our community in an absolutely transparent and truthful manner. In the past, on the rare occasion when there are irregularities and it is no longer morally possible for us to promote a provider, we have stopped working with them.

We have now been working with GGPoker and other GGNetwork skins for almost three years, during which time not one of our players has been banned or had their funds withheld for no reason. We have a very high number of players at GGPoker (including some very good players who regularly win big), and we can confirm that recent rumours are totally untrue and unjustified, and that your money is just as safe with GGPoker as it is with PokerStars, PartyPoker or any other big name.

Sticking to the Rules

Just in case our players have any problems understadning the rules, we would like to take this opportunity to make a few clarifications regarding GGPoker policy, which is in line with other online poker rooms. Should you try to cheat or in any way gain an unfair advantage by breaking rules, then GG works the same way as other providers, and your player account will be blocked and the credit will be retained to compensate other players.

The same applies if you have received a network block for a skin and simply log in to another GG skin. The case of the German highroller Tobias Duthweiler caused a stir here, because that is exactly what happened to him. It must be mentioned that GGPoker even unblocked the player out of goodwill and he can continue playing, but GG would have behaved correctly nevertheless. If a player has a network lock for some reason, you can’t just log into another skin and hope that everything goes well. It’s no different in the PartyGaming, iPoker network or the WPN network.

As long as you play fair, everything is fine. If you don’t know GG’s network rules yet, you can read them HERE. Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter if you lose €100,000 or win € 500,000 – all players are welcome at GGPoker.


Any rumours that players are banned for bunhunting for no reason are simply untrue. At GGPoker a player is not banned for no reason. As with football, there is first a warning. At GGPoker, as a rule, there are first two warnings before a ban for bumhunting occurs. The GG Security Team officially informs the player about the details of any such infraction, and the player always has the opportunity to respond and put forward their case.

Brief explanation on bumhunting

The guidelines regarding the practice of Bumhunting are clear. Let’s say you play at six tables at the same time. You stay seated at all six tables until you end your session, regardless of whether two players stand up and only four players sit, whether there are five fish or five good players… It’s that simple. You can also win a million and GG will pay you out. There’s no problem if you sometimes switch tables because the table just annoys you, for example. The word “sometimes” is decisive here – if you do this too often and only look for the weak players and switch back and forth between the tables, this is a violation of the guidelines of the GG network, and will not be tolerated in the long term.

It may be that professional players would like to have different rules; these guidelines ensure that the weaker, recreational players are somewhat protected, and such a policy is completely understandable and justified. The role of a poker room like GGPoker is not to exist for professionals to look for the fish and add to their bankrolls as quickly as possible. A poker room is a company and its goal is to offer a product that offers all types of players maximum gaming fun.

GG has the house right and sets up the rules for all players. Those who don’t like this everyman policy are free to play with another provider. However, if you decide to play on the GGNetwork, you have to stick to the rules. If you don’t do this, and repeatedly ignore the warnings, you shouldn’t be surprised if it comes to the point that your player account is blocked. Whatever your personal opinions, playing at a poker room means accepting their rules. Simple!

Conclusion from YourPokerDream

We have seen many different situations over the years. Players have been banned for team play, account sharing, bots, etc. Often the cheating was so obvious that we could only shake our heads.

Some were at least decent and admitted their mistakes to us. But 90% claimed to be innocent, and that the poker room was completely in the wrong, with some running into poker forums to start spreading rumours like those we have had to refute in this statement.

In 95% of cases the poker room is right when it bans a player. With this in mind, let’s think logically again and look at the facts. GGPoker has evolved into the largest poker network in the world within a short period of time and left big names like 888, PartyPoker/Bwin, iPoker and Unibet behind. The main rival to PokerStars, it is probably only a matter of time before catching them up. There is 24/7 action on all limits and game types. Even the WSOP is a partner of GGPoker. So it follows, of course, that the whole product, and the rules, are of the highest quality and fairness.

So, to reiterate – No, GGPoker does not block player accounts or withhold funds for no reason!




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· Published 05.11.2020 · last updated 18.02.2021

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