GGPoker is set to launch GGCare in January 2021 to reimburse unlucky players

GGPoker is set to make a bright start to 2021 with a new feature designed with players in mind. In fact, it’s a really nice touch that will no doubt be much appreciated.

Named GGCare, the latest in GGPoker’s impressive list of special features is aimed at returning money to players who have been unlucky enough to experience a so-called ‘bad beat’ – whereby one could have, for example, KKKK and lose on the River to AAAA.

The idea is that, from January 1, 2021, every cash game player who suffers a bad beat will be automatically registered for a ‘Flipout’ Freeroll special held the following day, when a cool $30,000 worth of prizes will be up for grabs.

The Head of Poker Operations at GGPoker, Steve Preiss, said this to PokerNews: “From a more customer-focused perspective, we will always look to expand the reach of poker and bring more new players into the game.”

Preiss also added: “With GGCare, our system analyzes the outcomes of hands played at cash game tables, and if it’s determined that a player has had some bad luck — such as suffering a nasty bad beat, suckout or cooler — they’ll be rewarded with automatic registration into a $30,000 tournament running the following day.”

The Flipout format sees all players automatically put all-in every hand until a winner emerges, so the beauty is there’s no effort on the part of the player. It’s not even necessary to log on (but it’s fun to watch as the Poker Gods decide your fate).

The starting stacks in these Flipout Freerolls will be different, based on how ‘unlucky’ a player was. An algorithm will determine the scale of a bad beat and the player will receive chips accordingly.

However it works out, it’s great news for poker fans, and a massive $930,000 in total prize money for the GGCare promo has been put aside for January alone.

GGCare is one numerous great features at GGPoker

GGPoker has a history of offering some kind of protection or insurance to players, having already introduced Bubble Protection which returns the buy-in to those unfortunate enough to be eliminated from a tournament on the bubble (i.e. just before the prizes are reached).

Players at GGPoker can also take advantage of an All-in Insurance feature that permits them to take out insurance against bad beats.

Add to these the opportunity to stake players (or be staked), Final Table betting and other innovative extras that enhance the overall online poker experience, and it’s easy to see why GGPoker is being heralded as the place to go for today’s poker fans.

Indeed, the forward-thinking online poker room recently introduced a novel aid to help players with the practicalities of tournament play – namely a feature that predicts the actual running time of a tournament. This also includes how long it might be until the money, as well as to the Final Table and even the average time that Final Table proceedings could go on for!

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· Published 28.12.2020 · last updated 29.12.2020