The era of HUDs in online poker will finish soon

The online poker market has changed dramatically in recent years and it continues to change. One big change is that the vendors make it a bit harder for the poker pros to call regulars and easier for casual players. Of course, this message is not very well received by professional online poker players, but looking at the poker market in general makes sense.

A Poker HUD is the short form for heads-up display. Tracking programs such as Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker collect all the information from every hand played and from any player who has ever sat with one at the table. This information is then evaluated and immediately invoked when sitting down at a virtual table. This of course gives you a very big advantage if you have information about the playing style of your teammates.

There are still providers where the use of a HUD is allowed but it is assumed that it is only a matter of time before the use of HUDs belongs to the past.

Only a few online poker rooms still allow HUDs

What was standard in the past is not the same today. The GG Network, Unibet and also recently PokerStars are providers that prohibit the use of HUDs.

As mentioned before, it’s all a matter of time before the future of online poker is poker-only i.e poker without tools, just as it is in real life at the poker table.

Players who have been playing without such programs for years are of course clearly in the advantage when this rule has arrived at all online poker rooms.

That it works also without HUD has already been proven

Take the GG network as an example. The network, which also accepts Asian players and is very popular with Europeans, has banned third-party programs from the very beginning. Nevertheless, the network continues to grow in terms of the number of cash game players;it is way ahead of the iPoker network, to give an example.

Unibet and the Microgaming network have also been doing very well with this strategy for a long time.

What is the goal of the poker sites?

Do you want to keep the money longer in the system and protect especially the casual players from the pros? The so-called sharks are always on the hunt for the small fish and try to get an advantage through such programs. This is quite great for regulars, but the poker room does not have much of it when the recreational players are quickly gutted and then stop playing.

In addition, more action comes in among the regular players, as it is a big change for everyone and you can not even easily recognize who a top shark, or who is more of a mediocre player. Such information is normally displayed directly in the HUD.

Although many professional players do not welcome this development, but we see it from a different perspective which is positive.

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