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· Published 15.01.2021 · last updated 16.01.2021

Look at this selection of names and odds:

  • James Norton 2/1
  • Tom Hardy 2/1
  • Idris Elba 6/1
  • Sam Heughan 6/1
  • Henry Cavill 12/1
  • Jamie Bell 12/1
  • Cillian Murphy 16/1

This is an impressive list of actors, of course, but what do they have in common? It’s hardly the latest Premier League title-winner odds; so what’s the fuss about that would have people risking their hard-earned money? The answer is that, because the again delayed No Time To Die will be the last film in which Daniel Craig plays the iconic James Bond, rumours abound daily about which actor will replace the 52-year-old Brit. While this is worthy of entertainment news, in the UK it’s also serious business as far as betting/gambling is concerned. And that’s because we’ll have fun gambling on just about anything. For those non-UK online poker players – the next time you’re at a virtual poker table alongside UK fellow poker fans, it might be either reassuring or off-putting to know that there’s a good chance these opponents will be thinking – as well as straights and flushes – about these and other betting markets. Technically they could be called ‘novelty’ markets but, while there’s obviously a fun element, it really is a respected, serious matter in the UK.

‘Serious’ isn’t necessarily the most appropriate word, because the whole point is that it’s a fun market on which to speculate and invest. And invest is indeed the case for UK punters, with poker players particularly keen. It’s not at all unusual, at a poker table populated by UK players, to hear what they bet on – and not necessarily in an amateurish, uneducated way.

Consequently, the UK’s online gambling industry understands that British people love to gamble, and therefore caters for them by making the effort to provide numerous non-sports betting markets. And to a significant degree. Over the years I’ve written articles that pamper to the UK’s attitude that we can bet on just about anything, requiring me to take a serious view from a betting perspective on such subjects as varied as Big Brother and other reality TV shows (and not just about the eventual winners, but eliminations, highest placed man/woman, who might be disqualified…) to the burning question regarding the name of Prince William and Kate’s first child. (I feel compelled to point out that I correctly tipped George…).

Incidentally, Idris Elba appears in another hotly contested betting market that will prove popular in the UK. He’s 25/1, alongside Oscar-winner Olivia Colman. This is longer odds than the current favourite, Kris Marshall at 6/1, but shorter than the likes of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles, Tom Hardy (again), Helena Bonham Carter (all at 33/1), Tom Hanks 100/1…Tom Cruise 200/1… and what is that for? It’s the market for the next actor to play another UK worldwide export: Doctor Who.

Finally, here are some of the interesting odds for the Nobel Peace Prize:

  • World Health Organisation 4/1
  • Greta Thunberg 7/1
  • Pope Francis 33/1
  • Donald Trump 33/1
  • Vladimir Putin 50/1
  • Meghan Markle 100/1

YPD isn’t the place for politics, so let’s just say Meghan Markle’s publicity team might not be best pleased to see a world-renowned UK bookmaker consider their client a lesser chance to win than two of history’s most controversial world leaders…

But that’s the kind of thing that UK gamblers find amusing. Famed for their sense of humour, with UK movie and TV hits finding success across the globe, an ability to laugh at themselves and a love of irony, it’s no surprise, then, that online poker offers British people the ultimate gambling experience. Playing against each other rather than against the ‘bank’, it’s a perfect gambling medium that offers a mix of fun, competition and, of course, the chance to win big…

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