Dear Community,

We have received many messages from you regarding the change of our popular GGPoker rake chase to the current $41,000 GGPoker Rake Race. As you may be aware, due to new network rules we are no longer allowed to run the rake chase in the format we have done previously.

We are well aware that this has meant players such as those who cannot generate higher levels of rake will lose considerable value. While it is always a top priority at YourPokerDream that we offer promotions that are attractive to all of our players, there exist different guidelines that we have to follow, depending on the poker room.

In a rake race the numerous variables that need to be factored in to calculations can be problematic and, therefore, can present serious risk. With this in mind, February will be a test that will help us determine what is the best possible race for all players that we can put in place from March.

Depending on the activity in February, and after talking to GGPoker, we may slightly increase the prize pool. What we will definitely do is expand the payout structure to 100-125 paid places, and we will award higher prizes to places starting from 30th. In this way we can make the process more attractive to those players who enjoy their online poker at the lower limits, and therefore do not have the opportunity to accumulate points at a higher volume.

We are planning to continue our weekly private tournaments, and have a few ideas as to how we can make them even more interesting.

We hope that you continue having fun at GGPoker and, as always, we look forward to receiving any feedback.

Best regards,

YourPokerDream team






· Published 14.02.2021 · last updated 17.02.2021