Unfortunately, respect among colleagues is often a foreign concept even among affiliates

Unfortunately it happens again and again that other affiliates are jealous of YourPokerDream. It was often said that other affiliates were ahead of us, that we would not work seriously or that our promotions would not be paid out. There will certainly have been players who were put off because of this!

We would like to mention here that these are only a few exceptions and, fortunately, the majority of our colleagues do not descend to this level. However, there are 2-3 affiliates – one of which is quite large  – who, unfortunately, do not show us this respect. Their imagination knows no limits here. People talk badly about us with players, they try to question us with anonymous inquiries, and complain to poker rooms about our having such high deals/promotions and tournaments. Sad, but true!

We don’t have anything like that. For one thing, we would never use names and say bad things even if we had a reason to. It’s just not the done thing. And we also grant everyone their success. We don’t need to question anyone, talk badly or be jealous. There are also poker rooms where the competition has better deals than we do, and that will be for a reason, and it’s perfectly fine.

The reason why YourPokerDream is so popular and successful is not that we work dubiously, as some like to claim. It’s because we do our job right and, simply, have unbeatable service, are up to date and 100% transparent. We don’t have to use all our might to lure players into us with illegal deals or false promises. Sure, our industry is having a hard time, the golden days are long gone, but that doesn’t mean that it should degenerate into a war to lure players away from each other. If a player wants to come to us, we’re happy, and if not, then that’s perfectly fine.

YourPokerDream’s thinking and strategy are different from the competition

Of course, we cannot give precise details about our strategy, but we can explain our way of thinking in more detail. Many players believe that we are one of many pure rakeback affiliates. This is totally wrong! Yes, we also have great rakeback deals for professional players, but our focus is on something completely different. Our goal is to appeal to all types of poker players, especially those for whom it’s a hobby – not just high rollers. It’s not just about getting the sharks who pull a lot of money out of the system every month, but also having players who simply enjoy the game and also pay money into the system from time to time. This is one of the reasons why all poker rooms love working with us and why we usually have better deals and promotions. Our traffic is better!

We also differ greatly from other affiliates when it comes to Customer Support. Speed ​​and the best possible – and honest – advice come first! We don’t leave out the small print, either, and we address things as they are. Of course, every player is important, but not at any price. The satisfaction of our players is our top priority, and even if we can’t please everyone, we at least try.

Closing word

To all colleagues who read this article (and we know that you do) – You’d better concentrate on yourself instead of looking at us. Everyone can have a piece of the cake in a respectful way. Think about how we can improve our industry, how we can increase traffic, and not just how to attract players and move them from A to B.

If we all concentrate on what is important, namely the acquisition of new customers and honest and transparent news and recommendations, then we all benefit.






· Published 03.02.2021 · last updated 05.02.2021