Thousands of dollars to be won every month in exclusive YourPokerDream tournaments at GGPoker

We are pleased to announce that we are holding an exclusive tournament every week for YourPokerDream players only, thus adding yet another opportunity for our YPD customers to boost their bankroll.

Taking place between 8-9 pm on Saturday evenings, the tournaments can be found in the lobby under “Tournaments” and “Private”.

(Note that certain requirements must be met in order to be eligible).

Screenshot of YPD tournaments

$500 Freeroll + $2,000 GGMasters for First Time Depositors

For all new players who register as an affiliate with GGPoker via YPD, there is a special $500 Freeroll tournament, and all you have to do is create a new player account and make an initial minimum deposit of $100. You will then automatically receive a ticket for the tournament, which takes place on the last Friday/Saturday of the month at 9 pm.

For all new players who make an initial deposit of at least $250 there is also our juicy $2,000 GGMasters Freeroll, with a top prize worth $1,050.

Tournaments are announced 1-2 weeks in advance in the Lobby, under “Tournaments” (click on “Private”).

Info: Tickets are credited 1-2 days before the tournament starts

Weekly bankroll booster tournaments for the whole YPD community with prize pools up to $3,000

Our popular YPD Saturday Sprint tournaments take place every Saturday, with the first three editions each having $1,000 up for grabs, and the last tournament of the month putting up $3,000.

In addition to our private tournaments there is our exclusive $4,000 YPD Masters Leaderboard to add some extra spice and, of course, extra cash! This provides even more incentive to play in our private GGPoker tournaments because you can generate points for the leaderboard.

In order to receive tickets for our weekly tournaments there are certain conditions which must be met, but we have made sure to keep these to a minimum so that everyone has the chance to take advantage of this YPD exclusive. So, to receive tickets for our $1,000 tournaments you simply need to earn at least 5 YPD points per week. Easy.

As for our $3,000 tournament, the task is to earn at least 10 YPD points (GGPoker) up to two days before the start of the tournament. Please note that players will receive a ticket for our $3,000 tournament only if they are not placed in the top 100 of our $50,000 GGPoker Rake Race, two days before the tournament starts.

Info: Tickets are credited 1-2 days before the tournament starts!

No ticket? No problem! All players who have earned at least 1 YPD point at GGPoker in the current month will be shown the password for the tournaments in their YPD account, and can buy in directly and take part without having earned a ticket. This is well worth doing – not only because of the potentially high overlays in the tournaments, but also because you can earn valuable 4K YPD Masters Leaderboard points.

No player account at GGPoker yet?

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· Published 21.03.2021 · last updated 23.03.2021