We have analyzed in detail how profitable it is to play at GGPoker

It doesn’t matter whether you play occasionally as a hobby or if you’re a professional poker player – ideally, you’d like to make a profit at the end of an online poker session. Of course you want to have fun, but the healthier your bankroll, the more fun you’ll have!

GGPoker is the online poker room that took the industry by storm last year, with one of several reasons for this being that the World Series of Poker chose the site to host the 2020 WSOP as the event found itself going online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The popularity of GGPoker has continued apace in 2021, with its player pool continuing to grow as more players join on the back of the 2020 online poker boom, and others have decided to jump ship from other online poker rooms that some believe have stagnated and failed to keep up with the forward-thinking, player-friendly GG approach.

Due to the increasingly large player pool that is bringing together poker fans from around the world, you can find full tables around the clock, and at all limits. Whether you favour traditional Texas Hold’em Cash games Pot Limit Omaha or the thrill of tournament poker, there is plenty of action, with all preferences and bankrolls catered for. It’s significant that GGPoker’s homegrown offerings such as Rush & Cash or the exciting Flip & Go tournaments have proved incredibly popular.

So far so good – we now know that there’s no shortage  of action should you want to jump into a fun online poker session whenever you please. But what about the vital question: Is it a profitable prospect to play at GGPoker…?

A profitable gaming experience for all types of players

GG has achieved something that only very few online poker sites have managed, namely a healthy mix of recreational players and serious, so-called sharks. This is because the network is very careful that new and inexperienced players don’t after joining find themselves in the deep end, struggling in the murky waters surrounded by hardened experienced players looking for easy targets. By implementing certain rules that are in place to provide newcomers to the game and weaker players a level of protection, GGPoker has created a fair playing environment geared towards leveling the playing field and ensuring a more balanced, healthy online poker eco-system that is not necessarily the case with some other providers.

With this in mind, professional players might understandably think that these measures render playing at the GGNetwork no longer profitable, but that is absolutely not true. GG efforts might well be aimed at generating an ‘everyman ‘ environment, but the result is nevertheless one in which not only are the more serious players more than welcome, but they can also thrive. There are many, many players who do very well by playing at GGPoker, from those who strive to improve their game to full-timers for whom the GGNetwork is their favourite place to make money. Adhering to this or that rule at GGPoker doesn’t at all preclude a player’s ability to consistently make a profit there!

Numerous players from the YourPokerDream community play very profitably at GGPoker, and they’re more than satisfied!

As a casual player, of course, you might well see things a little differently to the professionals. Priorities won’t necessarily be in the same order, and the primary focus will be on having a lot of fun. If there’s even a modicum of protection from the sharks, then that’s all the better. That isn’t to say new and recreational players will be seated at tables populated exclusively by their contemporaries – there could equally be more hardened lurkers, but at least a fair mix affords poker fans a level playing field on which to enjoy the game.

Casual players have other incentives to join GGPoker in the form of special promotions such as the Honeymoon promo, these being designed specifically with recreational players in mind, the point being that this group typically will not generate a lot of rake. These are the touches that GGPoker does so well, and are testament to the network’s rising popularity.

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Exclusive promotions worth millions of dollars every month

Every month there are numerous promotions in which several million USD are awarded in the form of cash prizes or tournament tickets. The daily rake races are very popular and are available for all types of games and limits.

There are also other interesting promotions and Freeroll tournaments, and it’s worth noting that these are tailored to suit all types of players.

There is currently no other poker room in the world that has as many promotions running as GGPoker. It couldn’t be more profitable!

Great rakeback/cashback programme

When it comes to rakeback/cashback, GGPoker’s Fish Buffet is clearly one of the best offers around. Up to 60% cashback per week is available for players with the highest VIP status. The nice thing about the Fish Buffet is that even players who don’t play regularly and therefore don’t generate much rake still get the opportunity to earn extra cash.

Meanwhile, for the more serious and professional players GGPoker absolutely offers a great medium through which to rack up profit, regardless of how some might view PVI unfavourably.

Comment from YPD re PVI

To all professional players who are not happy with PVI and would like a different set-up – we would also prefer an alternative, but it’s a part of GGPoker and everyone has to accept it.

As a professional player you want full tables 24/7, a pool of players that consists of more than sharks, very low rake, good software, no bots and, to top it off, 100% rakeback…

But there is no poker room that can or of course wishes to implement all of these (and other) wishes that full-time players would like. If we analyze the big picture objectively and compare GGPoker with other  online poker rooms, we can acknowledge that this network approaches and deals with most aspects of online poker more successfully – and with more concern for sustaining a healthy environment in which everyone can comfortably co-exist – than the competition. This is why we are witnessing a growing player pool at GGPoker.

However, there will always be people who are dissatisfied and unhappy; this is the case for various reasons at all of PokerStars, PartyPoker, 888 Poker, the iPoker Network, Unibet … and GGPoker is no different in that there will be players who would prefer certain conditions to be tweaked or more fundamentally changed. At PokerStars the rake is low, but there’s almost no rakeback and Support is terrible; at PartyPoker there is no PVI, great rakeback and the product and its mechanics are admirably transparent, but the traffic is low and the player pool is too tough. Unibet, on the other hand, has a very soft player pool, but at the same time it’s small and there can be times when there’s not so much action, while rakeback is low and the software could be better. iPoker allows the use of HUD, the rakeback deals are good, but there bots, traffic is low and the opposition is tough. 888 has soft opposition but, unforunately, the software is poor, there’s almost no rakeback and the traffic can be low and limited in terms of stakes, while Customer Support is a disaster.

These were just a few examples, but the point is clear: there will always be this or that feature or rrule about which this or that player – including professionals! – is not pleased.

GGPoker is a paradise for tournament players

The tournament offering at GGPoker is simply world class. Every week there are millions of dollars awarded in prize money, and across a vast range of tournaments. Throughout the day, every day, all player types are catered for, from the hobbyists, for whom there are smaller buy-ins, to the genuine high rollers with large bankrolls who are looking for big buy-in tournaments.

There are various tournament series held several times per year by GGPoker, who are also the chosen online hosts of the WSOP. In addition to high prizes, genuine WSOP rings and bracelets can be won! This is a notable feather in the cap for the GGNetwork.

No account at the GGNetwork yet?

GG is awash with an impressive array of often unique features. You can protect your hand from bad beats with All-In Insurance, polish your game with their free in-house analysis tool, PokerCraft, or brag to your friends about a great hand you won with GG’s homegrown Hand Moments software that allows players to share key hands easily via social media. Another cool feature is Tournament Staking, where you can buy a piece of your favorite player’s action or even sell your own.

You will find 24/7 action at the Cash game tables and there’s something for everyone, from the Micro-Limits to the nosebleed High Stakes games. The juicy Fish Buffet rakeback/cashback programme is excellent, with great rewards poker fans from recreational to professional grinders.

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