GGPoker has created a fantastic product, but there is still room for improvement

After collecting considerable feedback from our community during the past few months, we have summarized what GGPoker players want in the future, and the reasons why some are still playing at PokerStars or other online poker rooms.

GG follows a clearly defined business path and also has a very precise idea of ​​the make-up of its player pool. That’s perfectly fine, and putting in place certain adjustments would do nothing to hinder this; the result would be that GGPoker’s pool of players would continue to grow, and that would give GG the chance to launch a bid to take over the number one spot that has been occupied for so long by PokerStars. GGPoker is doing a lot right, which explains why it has enjoyed such incredibly rapid growth over the last two years. We at YourPokerDream also support GGPoker as an absolute premium partner, not least because we are convinced that the product is excellent, and that GG is going in the right strategic direction to maintain and enhance that level of excellence. There is indeed a realistic chance that GG will become Number 1, but that will nevertheless require some effort, as well as certain adjustments in the future.

Our opinion is that the matter of who will sit on the online poker throne in the future will be decided by those who play poker regularly, be it professionals or ambitious recreational players. There is a reason why PokerStars has for a while been making special offers to professional players who generate consistent rake every month.

It’s not like every regular who plays 25 days each month is automatically a big winner. There are numerous players from different countries who generate a lot of rake and push up the traffic only to end up with just $1,000 in profit.

The tiresome topic of PVI

We have talked about PVI many times and the topic is a thorn in the side of many players. The system itself, and the general idea, is fine. Most players appreciate this, but the problem here is rather that it is absolutely not transparent, and in many cases quite unfair. How can it be that a professional player may end up only with 30% of his rake if he has a PVI of 0.3? Indeed, this is totally unacceptable, and players are rightly unsatisfied with it.

In theory, a player can have a PVI between 0.1-2. If the PVI were above 1, more rake would be counted and the player would also collect Fish Buffet points quicker. However, reality shows that the PVI is never higher than 1, even with a very strong losing player. This fact meets with incredulity among many players in the community, and if you think that we are talking only about professional players you are wrong!

Comparisons with the competition need to be made. At PokerStars, partypoker/bwin, Unibet, the Winning Poker Network (WPN) or even in the Chico Network there is no such thing as PVI. Only in the iPoker network is there the comparable SBR. But there is a big difference here, because at least 50% of the generated rake is counted for a player, which would mean a PVI of 0.5 for GG. No matter how good a player is, nor how much profit he makes, a minimum of 50% of the rake generated is always counted.

Comment from YPD: GG could make a simple adjustment and follow the iPoker model by saying that a player has a minimum PVI of 0.5 which, while still not perfect, would be a step in the right direction, and something that everyone could live with.

We also share the opinion of the poker-playing community and wonder why it is easily possible for a ‘normal’ player to have a PVI of 0.3-0.5, while a poor player never more than 1!

Rake is very high

It is a fact that there is no other poker room in the world that rakes as high as GGPoker. Of course, there are also a number of promotions and an interesting cashback programme, but that doesn’t make it any better for many players. If there wasn’t PVI, players could still live with it, but PVI and the high rake certainly don’t make life easier.

Comment from YPD: It would definitely be an advantage if either the rake were reduced or PVI adjusted.

Define the House Rules and Guidelines in a more understandable way – especially regarding Bumhunting

There is considerable confusion in regards to the subject of ‘bumhunting’ and table selection. There have been numerous discussions on this topic, including in the 2 + 2 forum. One cause of the confusion is that it is not clearly defined what is allowed and what is not, and many players are understandably afraid that GG will end up interpreting the rules in a way that suits them best.

Players have already reported bumhunting warnings that refer to targets who themselves are so-called sharks! It would be understandable if the ‘victim’ were a weak(er) player but, of course, it makes no sense for a good player to target another good player. Consequently, it is natural to suspect that these warnings are issued automatically, based on the system recognizing something which in reality is complete nonsense. Players obviously would prefer that these matters are checked manually to ensure that everything is correct, but there is a lack of communication to clarify and discuss such things in detail.

Comment from YPD: We have addressed it clearly many times and we are now doing so again: GGPoker does not suspend winning players or keep funds for no reason, as some have claimed. These are rumours, but quite untrue. We accept that certain things might have occurred in the past that we cannot judge today, but we have been working with GG for 3 years and NOT A SINGLE PLAYER HAS BEEN BLOCKED SO FAR! We have some big winning players in our community and, overall, a lot of players at GG, so we are aware of the facts and know about what we are talking.

We have never subscribed to rumours, and instead prefer to make judgements based on the facts, which we meticulously check!

Nonetheless, we understand the thinking of the community and the desire to see the rules more clearly defined and explained, as well as improvements in communication these and other subjects with players.

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