Online Poker will soon have a new Number 1

The ostensibly impossible looks like it could soon become a reality – we could be in for a new global leader in online poker. Yes – you read that correctly! For years, Pokerstars sat atop the world’s online poker rooms quite safe from attempts on the throne from rivals but, in the last year or so, GGPoker saw its star rise at a speed not seen before in the industry. Now, if this progress continues at the same pace, with the gap decreasing accordingly, we can expect GGPoker to soon enjoy a newfound status of being the world’s largest online poker site.

According to the latest figures from, GG is at a 7-day average of 5,400 Cash Game players, which is just 400 behind Pokerstars. Given that the second WSOP online will be played at GGPoker it can be assumed that the top two will switch positions in August at the latest. As an official partner of the WSOP, GGPoker will attract a new influx of players to the virtual tables. Add to this the fact that, for the first time, they are also acting as an official partner for WSOP satellites in which players can qualify for the World Series of Poker bricks & mortar edition in Las Vegas in September, and the forward-thinking online poker room looks like it will even strengthen what seems like an inevitable takeover at the top.

It must be said here that these figures revolve around Cash Game players only, and that tournaments, Sit & Go games and spins/jackpot tournaments are not taken into account in the information provided by pokerscout. Although some might argue that Cash Game traffic carries less significance than might have been the case a few years ago, it is nevertheless an important sign of key trends in the industry, and undoubtedly serves as a key indicator in how online poker rooms are doing in terms of customer numbers.

What are the reasons for the imminent change?

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Can GGPoker win the fight against Pokerstars and stay at the top?

How was GGPoker able to accomplish the feat so quickly, and catapult themselves to the top in barely 18 months? First, the company offers players impressively unique online poker software, with features not found anywhere else in the industry. Snapcam, Cash Drops, Integrated Staking, EV Insurance, seat selection at the Final Table and Flip & Go games are some of the special features that offer players at GG a unique gaming experience.

Indeed, GG did exactly the opposite of Pokerstars. In contrast to Stars, cooperation with the big affiliates was sought, which is one of the most important aspects nowadays in an online poker room’s quest to increase the player base and to promote the brand. Consequently, in the meantime Stars have woken up to also seek to work with the major affiliates.

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Another crucial point that we should consider when weighing up the relative success of these two rivals is the bigger picture regarding the global market. The GG network is very well represented in the Asian market, from where a large part of the traffic comes. This is a significant advantage and, furthermore, GG accepts a lot more countries than Pokerstars.

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· Published 26.05.2021 · last updated 28.05.2021