· Published 15.06.2021 · last updated 23.07.2021

One of the poker world’s all-time greats returns for the 2021 WSOP

He has already amassed an incredible tally of 10 WSOP bracelets and is one of the most famous and formidable players in the history of the game, and now Phil Ivey, a poker legend, is back!

During an hour-long interview to podcast host Joey Ingram a number of topics came under discussion, including his prop-betting past, playing on TV shows like High Stakes Poker and his plan to get back into tournaments and playing poker again… including this year’s World Series of Poker 2021.

What has Phil Ivey been doing away from the poker tables?

Ivey started the interview by saying that he is in an excellent place in his life. He has started meditating, exercising and – among other things – practicing yoga, which he believes has helped his mental health.

“The pandemic has been very good for me personally,” Ivey told Ingram. “It has allowed me to reset myself and see what is important and what is not.”

“It’s nice to have people who are interested in what you’re doing. It’s nice to have fans. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’m very grateful for every fan I have and everyone who opens me up accompanied this journey. Without the fans, poker would not be as big as it has become. “

Ivey says his success at poker has resulted in some “interesting experiences” as well as “a lot of good times” but, as he himself admits, may have taken the fun too far at times. He also explains that poker is still a real addiction for him, pointing out that he played every single day from his late teens until the age of 32!

And the good news for poker fans is Ivey’s announcing that he wants to start playing poker again.

“I want to travel and play poker. I still like to play online poker. If something comes up, that’s great. But I prefer to play live and watch my opponent. Nowadays online has gotten a lot tougher.”

The poker world can look forward to Phil Ivey’s comeback and the prospect of his producing yet more mastery at the poker tables, so why not join him and fellow players from around the globe by signing up to play?

The full-length interview between Phil Ivey and Joey Ingram

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