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July 2021 is off to a strong start! This month, GGPoker Network (GGPN) will be running its first ever Short Deck Series, and Natural8 -Asia’s largest online poker room – will be one of the hosts for this series.

Running from 4th July to 11th July 2021, the series boasts $1M in guaranteed prize money, and plenty of tournaments to participate in. This is a series not to be missed.

The inaugural Short Deck Series will have a variety of tournaments with a range of buy-ins that start from the $30 Short Deck Midstack Special with $5,000 in guarantees to the $10,300 Short Deck Super High Roller with a juicy $200,000 up for grabs. Whether you are a newcomer or an expert, you will be sure to find tournaments to suit.

Main Highlighted Events

  • $525 Bounty Main Event ($100,000 GTD)
  • $52.50 Bounty Mini Main ($50,000 GTD)
  • $10,300 Super High Roller ($200,000 GTD)

Some of the main highlighted events during this series will be the $52.50 Bounty Mini Main that comes with $50,000 in guarantees, the $525 Bounty Main Event at $100,000 and the $10,300 Super High Roller event, which will be held on 11th July 2021 and feature a whopping $200,000 prize fund.

Short Deck (6+)

If you have been playing only traditional Texas Hold’em tournaments or are looking for a new type of game format, then there’s no better time to broaden your poker horizons by taking this chance to add Short Deck to your repertoire.

Short Deck Hold’em (also known as 6+) is a poker variant that is very similar to Texas Hold’em. Every player is dealt two hole cards, with five community cards on the table. Using their two hole cards, players have to make the best five-card hand out of the seven available.

However, in Short Deck, all the 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s are removed, so the deck has only 36 cards instead of the usual 52. Due to these numerical changes the hand rankings are slightly different from Texas Hold’em. For example, in Short Deck, a Flush beats a Full House, and because all 2s to 5s have been removed, you can make a straight using A-6-7-8-9 or 10-J-Q-K-A.

Natural8 also provides Short Deck cash games and, to spice up proceedings, Natural8 cash game players can win extra money by climbing the Short Deck $5,000 Daily Leaderboard. There are nine different stake levels to choose from, with each level featuring a separate Leaderboard.

Cash game players will also have a chance of hitting The Short Deck Flush Jackpot. As long as you fulfill the conditions (even if you end up folding!), you will still be eligible for the jackpot.

Whether you are a cash game player or a tournament enthusiast, Natural8 is a great place for you to check out Short Deck Hold’em. With the upcoming Short Deck Series, there couldn’t be a better time to enjoy exploring a different type of poker.

There’s a massive $7.7M to be won on the GGNetwork this month

Yes – you read that correctly! This month will see $7,700,000 paid out on GG. Prizes will be given away mainly through leaderboards, with additional promotions to get stuck into, such as the GGCare Flipout and Honeymoon for Newcomers (more on this later!).

Simply choose your preferred poker game type and hit the tables! Depending on the game, you will receive a set number of points as you go, and the more points you accumulate, the higher your ranking on the Leaderboard. It’s possible to earn up to double the usual points and take advantage of the daily Happy Hour, which continues from 6am to 8am. Make the most of your time at the tables – remember: the higher your Leaderboard ranking, the bigger your prize!

– Hold’em: $20,000 Daily
– Pot Limit Omaha and PLO-5: $25,000 Daily
– Short Deck: $5,000 Daily
– Spin & Gold: $50,000 Daily
– All-In or Fold: $50,000 Daily
– Rush & Cash: $40,000 Daily
– Flip & Go: $10,000 Daily
– Battle Royale: $15,000 Weekly

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