Fear, stupidity or just too much money?

The online poker world is made up of all sorts of characters from across the globe, so it’s inevitable that people will do some strange things. We’ve seen a lot of bizarre instances over the years, and in this article we would like to share with you a very special case that has left even us at YPD speechless. Of course, we would never criticize a player publicly, so we need to retain the player’s anonymity.

Hopefully, this example of a player seemingly going out of their way to burn their money, completely pointlessly, will serve as a lesson to others to not similarly make life difficult for themselves.

What happened?

Said player plays at Natural8, where the generated Netrake is a decisive factor in determining what bonuses he ultimately receives from YPD. As all experienced gamers know by now, transaction fees always have an impact on Netrake. With this in mind, when a player takes part in a promotion based on Netrake, or has a special deal, then of course certain aspects require special attention. This particular player is well aware of this, and plays NL S1,000, which is a significant limit.

As many readers will know, there is also PVI in the GGNetwork. This is influenced by various factors, including deposits/withdrawals via the cashier. Fortunately, Natural8 now has the option of handling all transactions via YPD as an agent. In this case there are no fees at all, and that is a great advantage because, with the affiliate, 100% of the costs for a transaction are deducted from the commission (and the same with the Welcome Bonus, incidentally). For this reason, all affiliates also offer players the option of paying in/out via an agent. If a player does not do this, the transaction fees incurred will be deducted from their prize from the rake race.


Player deposits $5,000 via BTC. The transaction fees here are 1%, so there will be a fee of $50. If the player now receives $500 from our promotions, this $50 will be deducted, and they will receive only $450.

If the player chose the option to do the same using YPD as an agent, however, there would be no costs.

The question arises, of course, why would someone not take advantage of this possibility, especially when being advised accordingly. YPD doesn’t care, because we deduct 100% of the costs from the player. In fact, transactions for this player have reached $95,000 thus far, so he has already essentially burned $950 directly.

And it gets even worse! Not only could his bankroll be $950 higher, but he also has to withdraw in $5,000 increments every 1-2 days, and then wait. Through us he could have a transaction amounting to $20,000 in one go, and ‘wait’ for a mere 10 minutes!

And there are even more implications

Because our hero has many transactions through the cashier, with numerous consecutive withdrawals, he is also adding extra damage in terms of PVI. Indeed, he has also managed to achieve the lowest PVI at the standard Cash Game tables, standing at 0.35. We have players who take a lot more money out of the system at 0.5 than he does.

Due to his low PVI, less rake is counted, which automatically means that he collects Fish Buffet points more slowly, and receives less Cashback.

We have now evaluated his data from December 2020 to July 17, 2021, and carried out relevant calculations. During that period, he generated $53,000 in rake. With his PVI 0.15 higher he would have $7,950 more rake, which is almost $4,000 less with 50% Cashback.

In addition, his Netrake is about $3,000 lower, which means he will lose another $1,200 from us if we assume that our Rake Race will bring him an average of 40%.


– $950 transaction fees
– $4,000 less Cashback (Fish Buffet)
– $1,200 affiliate

That’s $6,150 wasted in just under seven months! And the debacle continues, because his PVI has already been executed, and he continues in the same vein…

We have to ask ourselves what is wrong with this player to make such fundamental practical mistakes given that they must have a certain level of intelligence to continue to hold their own at a relatively high level. Perhaps he has too much money, but that’s no reason to literally give away such an amount for no good reason. We hope that this player’s lack of logic isn’t due to his being afraid that YPD might run away with his money! There is no justification in harbouring such a doubt, not least because we are one of the largest affiliates in the GG network, and such a breach of trust would damage us 100 times worse.

This is an example of how a player not managing the practical side to making the most of what YPD makes available to our community can severely damage their bankroll. However we look at it, it doesn’t make any sense at all, and the ultimate winner is the GGNetwork!




Daniel Berger

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· Published 17.07.2021 · last updated 18.07.2021