Chris Moorman and 888Poker will finish their partnership

Chris Moorman is regarded as one of the most successful tournament players the poker world has seen. In online tournaments, he has won $18,757,152, while in live MTTs, he has won $6,021,317. Since 2016, he has served as an ambassador for 888poker, one of the oldest gambling brands in history.

On August 5th it was announced that Chris Moorman, a well-known British poker player, is leaving the 888poker team. The following article will discuss possible reasons behind this decision and future perspectives for this player. Read on for more details. 

The Announcement

Followed by the news that Chris Moorman and 888poker could not agree on a contract renewal this year, the room’s official Instagram account posted the following message:

“We’re sad to say that our time with @moorman1 as an 888poker poker ambassador is coming to an end. We’ve loved being part of your #poker journey, Chris and we know you will continue to soar.

Thanks for the memories. It’s been GR888T!”

As usual, such statements are quite vague and do not provide any specific reasons for the contract termination. Chris Moorman has never even hinted at such a drastic change in his career. His official website has been quiet for three years and his social media accounts are rarely updated. Therefore, poker fans are left to speculate on the real reasons behind this decision. It is fair to say that some updates about the player’s recent actions and changes that have occurred this year in the room and all online poker should be told to help clarify the issue.

Why is Chris Leaving?

A decision to terminate the contract with Chris Moorman can be attributed to the desire of 888poker to improve the Team Pro and increase its popularity among the new generation of players. Such dynamic of line-up changes at the top poker rooms was triggered on January 1, 2021, by Chris Moneymaker.

888poker has formed a new StreamTeam consisting of little-known low to medium-stakes players to appeal to this new generation of players. This clearly indicated the new direction of the room’s development, which is a creation of a team that is more relatable to the average player. Other poker rooms are doing a similar thing. For example, GGNetwork has created TwitchSquad, OmahaSquad, Short Deck Squad, GGTeam Russia, and so on.

Unfortunately, Chirs Moorman simply does not fit in the current plans of 888poker development and online poker ambassador policy in general, despite him having lots of accomplishments. He is not well-known among the new generation of poker players. The fact is that from a business standpoint, such agreement is not effective, as funds that go into his contract (which is probably lots of money) simply do not justify the player’s rare appearances at live tournaments or 888poker YouTube channel in branded merchandise. 

What’s Next for Chris Moorman?

It is unlikely that leaving 888poker will affect Chris Moorman in a drastic way. He will probably continue his normal lifestyle by writing books, traveling the world, selling online poker courses, and surely participating and winning many live tournaments. 

It is important to mention that Chris has just earned his second World Series bracelet a little more than a week ago. On a local reservation platform, he won the $800 event with 418 participants in Nevada.

According to Pocketfives, in 2021, currently, Moorman’s room of choice is GGNetwork (as he almost exclusively plays there), so it is fair to assume that the world’s largest poker network will try to make him their new ambassador. 

One thing is certain: Chris Moorman is likely to be spotted at many local tournaments, especially during the WSOP Online season. He placed second in the Championship for $5,000 at the first series of a similar structure last year and will try to win a bracelet on this site again this year.

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· Published 09.08.2021 · last updated 09.08.2021

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