PokerStars have recently announced their complete schedule for the 2021 World Championship of Online Poker, their longest-running annual online poker tournament series. Many believe that it is the festival that sets the standard for everyone else. It will take place from August 22 to September 15 and will have 102 events. These 102 events will create 306 individual tournaments and will have a total guarantee of over $100 million.

This year, the granddaddy of all online poker tournaments will celebrate its 20th anniversary, which is quite significant given that most poker rooms can only dream of such achievements. As a way to celebrate that, unique trophies for the champions will be given and there will be many different ways players can qualify including the Road to WCOOP promotions and the 50/50 WCOOP Series which is already running. On top of that, this year’s festival will surpass the threshold of lifetime prizes awarded in the series’ history beyond the $1B marks. 

It goes without saying that players from the United States will not be able to participate on the website, however, there is always a choice to play from Canada or Mexico. Read on for more details in the article. 

Many Ways to Qualify

As mentioned previously, this year PokerStars is providing a wide variety of opportunities for players to qualify for the WCOOP 2021. This is mainly done to attract a broader spectrum of audience, no matter the bankroll. One of the main ways is the Road to WCOOP promotions. It was launched in late July, so most of the PokerStars players are aware of it. The main idea is that you choose a low, medium, or high redemption points target, once per week. When you hit a given target by playing cash games, you get a ticket into a weekly drawing for the WCOOP ticket. 

If you are out of luck and do not manage to get your hands on a WCOOP ticket through the Road to WCOOP promotion, then you can play in the $200,000 Ambassador Freeroll on August 22 for another chance. 

The other promo that may help you participate in the festival is the 50/50 WCOOP. This month through August 15, PokerStars will hold 50 tournaments with a $50 buy-in each with a total guarantee of $6.5 million. The winner of each such tournament will receive a $5,200 WCOOP Main Event ticket. 

Everyone Can Win Big Prizes

Each WCOOP event will have three buy-in levels: low, medium, and high, for a total of 306 events. Even while medium and high-level buy-ins may be out of reach for many players, low buy-ins can be as little as $5.50, ensuring that there is something for everyone. 

When it comes to the Main Events, it is safe to say that none of them will be cheap. The least expensive one will cost $55. However, it is still affordable enough for a large number of players to engage. There will be six Main Events in all, three of which will be No-Limit Hold’em and three of which will be Pot-Limit Omaha. The biggest Main Event is the $5,200 No-Limit Hold’em 8-Max, which has a guaranteed prize pool of $10 million.

As a way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the WCOOP, PokerStars has decided to give out an actual, physical trophy to each winner in this online tournament. There will be two trophy styles, with one type going to the Main Event winners and the Player of the Series (based on the leaderboard). The other trophy will be awarded to everyone else who wins any WCOOP event, no matter the stake levels. 

Multiple Main Events

As mentioned earlier, WCOOP 2021 will offer six different Main Events with one of them being the “main” Main Event. Here is an overview:

-Event 91-L: $55 buy-in NLHE 8-Max Main Event ($1.5M GTD)

-Event 91-M: $530 buy-in NLHE 8-Max Main Event ($2.5M GTD)

-Event 91-H: $5,200 buy-in NLHE 8-Max Main Event ($10M GTD)

-Event 92-L: $109 buy-in PLO 6-Max Main Event ($275K GTD)

-Event 92-M: $1,050 buy-in PLO 6-Max Main Event ($750K GTD)

-Event 92-H: $10,300 buy-in PLO 6-Max Main Event ($1M GTD)

All of the events are going to take place on Sunday, September 12. Please keep in mind that No-limit Hold’em tournaments start at 17:05 GMT, and the Omaha tournaments start at 19:05 GMT. You can also see the entire schedule as well as tournament results on the PokerStars blog page.

Low Stake Events

In a series like WCOOP, most participants want to get the most revenue from their dollar. There are 23 events with $5.50 buy-ins for those participants. There are 62 events with buy-ins of $11 or less.

In order to have the best chance to get into a massive tournament, you will probably need a few attempts. PokerStars offers such an opportunity in a form of Event 1, as the Phase tournaments offer multiple attempts to make it to the final day. Here is an overview:

-Event 1-L: $5.50 NLHE ($1M GTD)

-Event 1-M: $22 NLHE ($1M GTD)

-Event 1-H: $109 NLHE ($1M GTD)

Even though they show up on the schedule with Phase 2 taking place at the end of the series on Monday, September 13, the tournaments will actually begin well before that on August 22. Participants have an opportunity to start as many days as they want and even taking part in Phase 2 more than once, which then allows them to bring the highest stack into Day 2.

Satellites are also up and running. Through them, you can currently enter a tournament like the $11 Sunday Storm for just $0.11.

Final Thoughts

Seems like PokerStars has made a decision to really make this anniversary special and show much gratitude towards its players. It can be seen in a wide variety of stake levels, ways to qualify, and interesting promotions. Now, all we can do is remain patient and mark the start of the WCOOP 2021 in our calendars. 

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