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· Published 16.08.2021 · last updated 17.08.2021

It is undeniable that poker is becoming more and more popular each year. We love to watch celebrities play poker and battle each other in pots measured in 6 or even 7 figures. Thanks to PROs such as Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, Tom Dwan, and Patrick Antonius the term “nosebleed stakes” was introduced to the world of poker. Black Friday and the temporary closure of Full Tilt Poker have undoubtedly caused high roller events to take a hit, there are still plenty of opportunities to play at high stakes. 

It is uncommon for stakes to reach $1000’s in most poker rooms, as you will find that blinds usually cap out at $50/$100. Typical buy-ins for these games are $10,000, so the stakes are still quite high for most of us. While the roster of pros changes on a regular basis – with new faces appearing all the time — there is still a lot to learn by spectating these games. Not to mention the constantly increasing guarantees in many world-famous tournament series. All of these factors combined mean that high stake poker is alive and well. We have already discussed the best rooms for low stake poker. This time, we have decided to take a look at the sites with the best high stakes action, for both US and international players. 

TOP 5 Poker Sites with High Stakes Action

  1. GGPoker – Definitely the number 1 poker room when it comes to real high roller action
  2. Natural8 – A part of the GGNetwork that means that you can find also here the high stakes action
  3. PartyPoker – another trustworthy brand with flexible rakeback, high traffic, and reliable software. 
  4. PokerStars – arguably the best poker room in the world. High guarantees in MTTs and a large selection of cash games. Huge traffic and a relatively soft field on low stakes. HUD compatible.
  5. 888 Poker – a poker room with almost two decades on the market. Provides a wide variety of MTTs and SNGs, as well as bonuses and promotions for all types of players. Compatible with HUD

High Roller Action for International Players

PokerStars have become the go-to place for high rollers ever since they bought out Full Tilt Poker, which was their greatest rival. The merge of these two sites helped PokerStars become the best poker room in the world. Therefore, most higher-stakes players prefer this poker site. There you will find a wide variety of mid to high stake games with buy-ins ranging from $1,000 and more. 

Pot-Limit Omaha and Fast-Fold poker fans will not be disappointed with this poker site, as their high stake game selection is not limited to No-Limit Hold’em. PokerStars is also known for their tournaments, as they provide the highest guarantees on the market with buy-ins ranging from $10,000 and more. 

High Roller Action for US Players

US players face banking restrictions when it comes to online poker, therefore all poker rooms that accept US players will be based offshore. One of the best opportunities for US players to play online poker is Ignition Poker. It is the largest offshore site welcoming US players and was able to develop solid traffic. In this client, you will be able to find relatively high stake games. No-Limit Hold’em tables will have blinds up to $10 / $20 with buy-ins of $2,000. The games are quite soft, as games are fully anonymous (no screen names) and the use of HUD (or any other software) is prohibited. 

This site has all of the payment methods needed for a US player. The most used way to get your money on board is Bitcoin. The same thing can be said for withdrawal (you can even cash out using paper checks).

Reasons to Watch High Stake Games

Entertainment is obviously the main reason to watch high stake games. However, it can also be used as an educational tool. By watching the masters of poker play, you can analyze their hands and their thinking processes. This will definitely help you in your own grind. You will be impressed with their fearless and cold-headed style of play. 

Watching high stake games may also be motivating. All of the players you’re seeing have started from the lowest stakes and were able to climb their way up to huge tournaments and prize pools. 

You can also take a shot in high-stakes events via satellite qualifiers. Buy-ins that are higher than your typical bankroll will normally be preceded by a series of qualifying tournaments. These are frequently divided into stages, offering participants a chance to win a ticket to a $500 buy-in game for as little as a few bucks.

Your road to high stake games is likely to be challenging. You have the best shot, it is crucial to have a solid bankroll. You can increase your returns by choosing a poker site with good reward and rakeback systems. Playing against fish will also increase your winnings. 

Final Thoughts

High stake poker games are always going to be fun to play because of their high risk and subsequent high reward. It is always entertaining to watch the high roller pros go against each other with over $100,000 stacks in a tournament. It is even more entertaining to participate in one yourself. If you want to try your luck at high stake tables, we recommend that you contact the poker room support team. Many payment methods limit the amount of money you can transfer in a certain time period. Customer support can potentially increase your deposit limit or offer some other methods. Withdrawals are handled in the same manner. Some poker rooms will ask for proof of your identity, which is completely understandable when it comes to large sums of money.

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