PartyPoker was one of the last poker rooms to reveal their flagship tournament series in August. Recently they have revealed the entire schedule for the WPT World Online Championships which will include 22 events and will also feature a total guarantee of $18,000,000. It will kick off on 12 August. Read on to find all of the necessary details. 

WPT Online Features

Even though PartyPoker has some problems that affect the players in the room, the Rob Yong team cannot be denied having their own vision for the site’s development. It is notably visible in the approach of organizing branded tournament events, which was implemented about a year ago (with the Monster Series).

There is no denying that Rob Young and his team cannot have their own vision when it comes to the room’s development, even though it is evident that PartyPoker has caused some complaints among the players. This can be clearly seen in their approach of organizing their flagship branded tournament series, which was implemented with the Monster series around a year ago. This year, the WPT World Online Championships will kick off on August 12 and will last until September 23, 2021. It will feature a total guarantee of $18,000,000 for 22 events. 

It has become a tradition that PartyPoker does not chase after large prize pools and doe not try to artificially inflate their schedule. On the other hand, there are some changes this time that are important to know about. For example, series events are different from ordinary tournaments. Consequently, there is going to be a restriction on the number of re-entries, which is 1-2. 

The organizers have chosen to add a high number of Day 1s to the structure of all MTTs in order for events with large buy-ins to cover the announced guarantees. Surprisingly, 9 MTTs will feature an unusual 7-max table format. 

Here is a full WPT Online Championships 2021 Schedule:

Date Event Buy-in
12-23.08 Opener: $1M GTD [7-Max PKO, 2-Day Event] $215
12-23.08 Mini Opener: $200K GTD  [7-Max PKO, 2-Day Event] $22
21-23.08 Omaha Championship: $200K GTD [7-Max PKO, 2-Day Event] $2,100
21-23.08 Mini Omaha Championship: $75K GTD [7-Max, 2-Day Event] $215
21-23.08 Micro Omaha Championship : $20K GTD  [7-Max, 2-Day Event] $22
22-31.08 WPT500: $1M GTD  [2-Day Event + FT Tuesday] $530
22-30.08 Super50: $250K GTD  [8-Max, 2-Day Event] $55
28-30.08 7-Max Championship: $1M GTD  [2-Day Event] $2,100
28-30.08 Mini 7-Max Championship: $250K GTD  [7-Max PKO, 2-Day Event] $215
28-30.08 Micro 7-Max Championship: $100K GTD  [7-Max PKO, 2-Day Event] $22
29.08, 5,12,13,14.09 WPT World Online Championships Main Event: $5M GTD [3-Day Event] $5,300
29.08, 5,12,13,14.09 WPT World Online Championships Mini Main Event: $1M GTD  [3-Day Event] $1,050
29.08, 5,12,13,14.09 WPT World Online Championships Micro Main Event: $250K GTD  [3-Day Event] $109
30.08-7.09 WPT500 Knockout: $1M GTD  [2-Day Event + FT Tuesday, PKO] $530
30.08-7.09 Super50 Knockout : $250K GTD  [8-Max PKO, 2-Day Event] $55
04-06.09 6-Max Championship: $1M GTD  [2-Day Event] $2,100
04-06.09 Mini 6-Max Championship: $250K GTD  [6-Max PKO, 2-Day Event] $215
05-13.09 Closer: $500K GTD  [6-Max PKO, 2-Day Event] $109
11-13.09 Mix-Max Championship: $1M GTD  [2-Day Event] $2,100
11-13.09 Mini Mix-Max Championship: $250K GTD  [Mix-Max PKO, 2-Day Event] $215
12-13.09 Turbo Championship: $200K GTD  [7-Max, 2-Day Event] $2,100
12-13.09 Mini Turbo Championship: $50K GTD  [7-Max PKO, 2-Day Event] $215

The Main Event

The WPT World Online Championships Main Event will feature a $5,000,000 guarantee for $5,300 and will have four starting days – from August 29 to September 13. The Main Event will also experience some changes. This time, the buy-in and guarantee will be split in half. Two side events are going to have the same format. Interestingly, PartyPoker does not seem concerned about the fact that its Main Event will overlap with similar tournaments of their competition. We are talking about the WSOP Online and OSS Cub3d XII.

You can already qualify for one of the Day1A slots. PartyPoker will also host the last satellites with a 20-ticket guarantee on Sunday. In order to participate, you can follow the following procedure:

Centroll for $0.01 – 30 tickets for $4.4 in prizes.

Phase 1 for $ 4.4.

Phase 2 for $ 22.

Phase 3 for $ 109.

In the first two stages, 20% of the remaining players go further. In the third, the game goes on until the TOP-3.

WPT Pro Hunt

The series’ unique non-standard one-day event kicks off on August 13. In this event, thirteen PRO players will participate in the $33 WPT Pro Hunt with a $30,000 guarantee, led by Patrick Leonard and Isaac Hexton. The tournament winner will get a trophy as well as a ticket to the Main Event. Attendees will get a reward in the form of a Phase 3 ticket in addition to the usual bounty.

Only time will tell whether this new and unusual format will be popular among the players, given that it is unlike any other previous tournament series structure. It will be also interesting to see how WPT World Online Championships 2021 performs when compared to concurrent events from competitors. As usual, the size of overlays (if any) will be the main indicator of the event’s popularity.

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