The GGPoker Network is the fastest-growing online poker in the world. Recently, GGPoker has become the most popular poker room surpassing PokerStars in terms of traffic. With a variety of skins in different geographical locations, this network is gaining more and more followers. One of the main reasons for this success is their promotions and a well-developed MTT grid. However, GGPoker is also known for its loyalty program which is arguably the best rakeback system currently on the market. 

The loyalty program is called Fish Buffet and is a level-based system where the more you play, the more rewards you are able to get. It is divided into 8 ranks and has quite a lot of potential value. In this article, we will provide you with an ultimate to Fish Buffet loyalty system and how you can benefit from it. Read on for more.

How Does Fish Buffet Work?

Simply speaking, Fish Buffet is a rank-based rakeback system. It is divided into 8 ranks (or statuses) and 25 different levels. Each such level has a required number of points and a time limit. To move up the ranks you need to earn Fish Points (FP). You receive 1 FP for every $0.01 rake and fees paid in Sit&Go and MTTs. Such a system has the potential to give you up to 60% rakeback, so it is definitely worth digging deeper. Here is the overall structure of the GGPoker rakeback system: 

Status FP Required Time Limit Avg. Rakeback % Prize Money
Plankton 750 7 15% $0.75-$2
Goldfish 1,500 7 17% $1.5-$5
Shrimp 6,000 15 22%-24% $6-$30
Crab 12,000 15 25%-27% $12-$60
Octopus 60,000 30 28%-30% $60-$360
Whale 120,000 30 41%-50% $120-$1,200
Shark 3,000,000 30 55%-60% $120-$1,2000

To have a better understanding of the Fish Buffet loyalty system, it is crucial to be familiar with all of the terms and conditions of this promotion. After all, it is a relatively complex system. Here is the summary of the main points:

  1. The Fish Buffet reward program operates on a permanent basis.
  2. Your online casino bets are also counted by Fish Buffet.
  3. For every $0,01 earned in rake, you receive one FP.
  4. If you do not gather the required FP number within the set time frame, you will be relegated to the previous level.
  5. If a player does not have enough FP to enter a new level or retain the current one, they will be awarded 10% of the total points earned at the moment. 
  6. In the event of fraud, GGNetwork reserves the right to undertake an investigation and disqualify the player.
  7. Prizes from the wheel are credited immediately after they have been raffled.
  8. In the case of a tournament overlay, fewer FP will be granted with regards to the amount of overlay.

Prize Money

At this point, you might wonder what prize money means exactly and how you can receive them. Every time you move up to a new level, you will be offered an opportunity to participate in the raffle of cash prizes. It represents a wheel of fortune and can be found in “My Bonuses” tab. This system saw some changes in December 2019. Before, the size of prize money in Fish Buffet spins depended on your play style, deposits, and other unknown factors. However, now the probabilities have been evened out. If you don’t use up your points for this bonus, the spin will be launched automatically after 30 days and the winning will be credited to your account. 

Platinum Levels

In case you do not want to spin the Fish Buffet wheel, you can always switch to the special Platinum statuses, You can do so only if you have enough FP. Platinum levels offer a fixed rakeback. For example, Platinum Fish, which is the lowest Platinum ranks, features a 20% fixed rakeback and does not require FP to maintain it. 

The situation changes a bit for higher ranks. Platinum Octopus offers a 35% fixed rakeback and required 750,000 FP to maintain it. You will have 365 days to accumulate the needed amount of FP. Such a system will be especially attractive for grinders and regulars who want to maximize their rewards. You can find specific numbers in the table below:

Level FP Required FP Payment Structure Rakeback %
Platinum Fish $1 for 500 FP 20%
Platinum Octopus 750,000 $1 for 285 FP 35%
Platinum Whale 1,500,000 $1 for 200 FP 50%
Platinum Shark 3,000,000 $1 for 182 FP 55%
GGPlatinum 5,000,000 $1 for 167 FP 60%

Switching Between Ranks

In case you change your mind, GGPoker allows you to switch in-between Platinum rank with flat cashback and regular ranks. In the case of Platinum statuses, the cashback will be credited to your account every Monday automatically based on the amount of FP earned during the previous week. 

Every player who has already gained the Octopus, Crab, and Shrimp status can go down and switch to the Platinum Fish. With the same logic, everyone who has already gained the Whale rank can go down and switch to the Platinum Octopus.

All Platinum ranks with an exception of Platinum Fish (which gives 20% fixed rakeback) have a time limit of 365 days. During this time period, you need to accumulate a needed amount of FP to maintain that rank. For Platinum Octopus it is 750,000, for Platinum Whale it is 1,500,000, for Platinum Sharks it is 3,000,000, and for GGPlatinum it is 5,000,000 FP. 

If you have chosen a Platinum status with fixed rakeback, it does not mean that you are obliged to remain with it. You can always change your mind and return to the regular Fish Buffet ranks without fixed payouts. If you currently have a Platinum Fish, then you will be re-assigned to Bronze Fish. However, if you currently have a Platinum Octopus, then you will be re-assigned to Bronze Whale. Players will continue to get Platinum awards for all FP they have earned up until the transition, but the new rank will begin at zero.

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