Lack of communication, bizarre overnight decisions and unprofessional behaviour at GGPoker

GGPoker is our strongest partner, and we have reported only positively about GG for the past two years. However, it remains our job and responsibility to communicate openly with our community and all poker players who come to YPD in search of the best online poker rooms at which to play. With this in mind, we feel obliged to be as informative as possible should there be any concerns with providers that have a negative impact on players, while we believe it is also important to explain our role in the relationship between players and our partners.

For several months, certain aspects of GGPoker’s operation have, we feel, been going in the wrong direction to the point where we have sometimes been left speechless. Moreover, as one of GGPoker’s strongest affiliates, we consider some recent developments unacceptable. We should also point out that we have received numerous complaints from players. Don’t get us wrong – GGPoker will continue to be our main partner, and it’s absolutely an excellent online poker room, but we believe that it’s currently going in the wrong direction, and that it’s prudent to share our concerns with players who, ultimately, are those who we endeavour to steer in the right direction and whose interests we are dedicated to overseeing. It’s a shame that such a big brand is undergoing such internal chaos and poor communication and behaviour with affiliates.

We want to make it clear that we do not want to speak negatively about GGPoker in any way, and nor do we wish to discourage poker fans from playing there! GG is a fantastic online poker room that affords players many advantages, but there are certain aspects that are simply unacceptable and, unfortunately, this includes the attitude and behaviour towards players and partners such as YourPokerDream.

YourPokerDream has always been transparent and open when discussing our partners, and we will continue to  communicate in the same way. When we promote a poker room and write positive news and reviews and so on, it is not a cynical means to an end in order to generate profit, rather our honest opinion about that provider being suitable for poker fans in terms of being a safe, user-friendly place at which to play, as well as offering promotions and bonuses etc (including our exclusive YPD offers) that reward players properly for their loyalty. We strive to be honest, open and frank on all such matters. Consequently, we also want to make sure to make our opinions public regarding negative matters, too, as in this case. It is our duty, in the interest of all poker players, that we clearly address in public any matter that can have detrimental implications to the countless poker fans who invest time and money on the game.

Hopefully, the good that can come out of these episodes is that they elicit positive changes at the likes of GGPoker that subsequently bring about successful advancements which help both the brand and players alike.

Let’s take a look at the issues at hand – step by step – from a factual (and diplomatic) perspective. There are numerous problems, alas, but we have selected a few of the most notable.

The Affiliate Managers at GGPoker are definitely not the problem!

Before we go into further details, we would like to positively highlight the affiliate managers at GGPoker, who always do their utmost to solve problems in order to satisfy us and all players and also deal with us as transparently as possible. But even these only have limited possibilities and depend on decisions and information that come from the very top.

GGPoker for players from the Netherlands

We’ll start with this matter as it the most recent to have arisen. Since October 1st, 2021, GGPoker has been accepting players from the Netherlands once again. So far so good, and this is something we promoted. In the last few days we have spoken to numerous players, explaining, for example, what advantages can be had and why we recommend GGPoker. As a result, a sizeable amount of players have already registered via YPD and, initially, the appropriate affiliate/poker room/player links were established as per usual. But suddenly, since October 2nd, this is no longer the case, despite the players having confirmed to us that they have used our bonus code YPD. When we (immediately) asked what was going on we were informed that the management of GG has decided that no new registrations via affiliates will be allowed for the first six months.

Comment from YPD: Are you serious? You let us promote GGPoker for four days and then tell us that the players will not be tracked and that those who are tracked will simply be removed … That’s a long way from the level of professionalism we expect from any online poker room, never mind one that is currently the second largest in the world.

The minimum that needs to be done here is to track those players who have already registered normally, and then to close the registration for all new players joining via affiliates. That would be standard and the correct way from the point of view of both player and affiliate.

GGPoker for players from Japan

Here, too, a very strange incident occurred in recent months. Overnight, a total of seven players from Japan were arbitrarily deleted from our account without any advance warning to us. We wouldn’t have noticed had the players themselves not contacted us to ask why they were no longer in our Rake Race.

We were then informed days later that the management had decided that all players from Japan would be transferred to an agent!

Comment from YPD: While this affected ‘only’ seven of our players registered via YPD, it’s nevertheless a serious issue, both procedurally and on principle (one player missing out is one player too many). We go to considerable lengths to promote GGPoker internationally, in a host of countries, yet we are rewarded with the overnight disappearance of seven players who took their valuable custom to GG thanks in the main to their joining via us at YPD.

It goes without saying that taking away existing players from an affiliate is absolutely wrong. We have never seen anything like it in all our years in business – it’s disrespectful and unacceptably unprofessional, but those in charge of GG seem not to care.

The sad incident with players from Germany

In Germany there is a new gaming law that came into force on July 1st, 2021. Of course, like all other providers, GGPoker must comply with the law and are no longer allowed to pay any participation percentage to affiliates. Everything is fine on that score (rules are rules and we must adhere to them) but this has nothing to do with players who registered before July 1st, 2021.

Each of our partners who are still active in the German market continues to pay us the usual percentage for players from Germany, and all agreements are being respected.

Comment from YPD: GG refer to the new law and say they are simply doing as the rules now dictate. But that is patently not true! Otherwise the big players wouldn’t be doing it, either – and we’re talking about companies that are listed on the Stock Exchange.

And it continues! Around a fortnight ago we were contacted by GG with the request that we promote them again in Germany. That’s understandable, but it has to be said that, without affiliates, traffic collapses and the set-up is rendered pretty toothless and effectively dead in the water.

Comment from YPD: What else is there to say…?

Tickets for our private tournaments, and payouts for the promotions

In this area things went smoothly in the beginning. In the meantime, however, there have been some internal changes at GG, and the result has been that matters have since been catastrophic. The payouts in C$/T$ are being made later almost every month, as has the awarding of tickets for our weekly tournaments. Indeed, it got so bad that three weeks ago players did not receive tickets; after waiting and waiting, some got up in the middle of the night to take part in the tournament to find that it was cancelled.

Comment from YPD: It is unbelievable how what should be the simplest things are made so difficult, and how the knock-on result is problems for everyone involved. By making internal changes the whole procedure has changed in such a way as to make matters unnecessarily difficult. But it should be so easy!

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· Published 05.10.2021 · last updated 14.04.2022

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