Typical GGPoker behavior due to greed

Since October 1st, 2021 GGPoker officially accepts poker players from the Netherlands again. Other big names such as Pokerstars, or partypoker and bwin, are no longer allowed to accept players from the Netherlands for 6 months.

GGPoker wouldn’t be GGPoker if they didn’t try by all means to make even more money and take advantage of the situation. GG is known for not taking the issue of transparency very seriously, which is PVI, which disadvantages every poker player and affiliate, but makes GG more money.

Now GGPoker is the only one of the big poker rooms, apart from the Winning Poker (WPN) network, which is currently officially allowed to accept players from the Netherlands. So you just decided that no registrations via affiliates are allowed for 6 months. What a coincidence that this is exactly the period when there is no competition. Definitely the theory of GGPoker.

In practice, however, it looks very different. The good players who play regularly and generate revenue will not play at GGPoker. The rake is too high, PVI takes away too much and the additional promotions of the affiliates are simply missing, so that every player with an IQ of at least 10 no longer plays at GG. And GG still doesn’t seem to have understood, like many poker rooms before, that the really good traffic and most of the players come through affiliates.

GGPoker is shooting itself in the foot with it.

The communication with the affiliates cannot be surpassed in terms of unprofessionalism

On October 5th, 2021 we were informed that no registrations via affiliates are allowed for 6 months and that existing players who have already registered via YPD or other affiliates will simply be deleted, which means that the connection between the player account and affiliate will be deleted,

A professional poker room that values ​​its players and partners would on the one hand communicate the whole thing in advance so that everyone knows what is going on. In addition, it would only be fair if the players who have registered so far remain as affiliates under YPD. After all, we already had work and the players were promised that. A decision is still pending here, but the behavior and development of GG in recent months give us only a very low hope.

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· Published 06.10.2021 · last updated 06.10.2021

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