The Grand Prix KO Series has recently concluded on partypoker. The progressive knockout event featured a $500,000 guarantee and a $109 buy-in Main Event. Without a doubt, this festival was dominated by Brazillian players. This was especially evident on the final day of the Grand Prix KO as Breno Heleno won the $109 Main Event, Luiz Fernando Vieira won the $11 Mini Main Event, and Fabiano Kovalski came second in the $530 High Roller event. In this article, we will summarize the results of these events and how each of these players was able to achieve their great results. 

Breno Heleno Wins the Grand Prix KO Main Event

A Brazilian poker player, Breno Heleno, became the Grand Prix KO Series Main Event champion as it wrapped up on the 4th of October. He was awarded $48,864 for his first-place finish. Let’s take a look at how exactly the events transpired. 

There were seven players in total that have managed to progress to the final day of the Main Event. However, this number was soon brought down to six when Dalton Hobold was eliminated by Josh Boulton. Dalton Hobold went all-in for around ten big blinds from a late position with his suited K J. However, Josh Boulton called with A K which turned out to be stronger. The board ran 7 Q 2 3 6 and Dalton Hobold was eliminated from the Grand Prix KO. He took home $4,148 for his seventh-place finish. 

The next player to be eliminated was Victor Hugo Bonifacio. He was knocked out by the future champion, Breno Heleno. With less than five big blinds remaining, Bonifacio has decided to open-shove with suited A 10 from the cutoff. After that, Heleno three-bet all-in with his A 7 from the button. The board showed 7 2 K K 8 and therefore Victor Hugo Bonifacio was eliminated. He was awarded $5,975 for his sixth-place finish.

Sebastian Sikorski was the next player to be eliminated from the Grand Prix KO Series. Sikorski was a cheap leader at the beginning of the final day. He was eliminated by Josh Boulton. Boulton raised to 8,000,000 with pocket nines. Sikorski raised to 71,823,121 with his A 4. However, he was unable to get anything from the J 6 Q K 8 board and went home with $8,418 for his fifth-place finish. 

Dmitriy Danilov was the next one to leave the competition. Breno Heleno was full of confidence after a recent double-up through Josh Boulton. Heleno raised to 15,000,000 with pocket tens in the small blind. Dmitriy Danilov responded with an all-in bet that amounted to 83,721,526 with pocket fives. Unfortunately for Danilov, a queen-high board destroyed his hopes of progressing further and he went home with $12,328 for his fourth-place finish. 

Jack Sinclair became the next player to fall victim to Josh Boulton. Sinclair, an experienced poker pro with a WSOP bracelet, limped in for 5,000,000 from the small blind with A 4. However, Josh Boulton raised to 16,000,000 with his pocket tens. Sinclair decided to go all-in with 109,883,549 and Boulton called. Unfortunately for Sinclair, the board ran 7 K K 7 8 and the tens of Boulton held up. Jack Sinclair was eliminated with $18,455 for his third-place finish. 

With two players remaining, the event entered the heads-up play between Josh Boulton and Breno Heleno. Boulton entered the duel as the chip leader with 311,340,921 against Heleno’s 207,178,040. However, this lead was not enough to bring down Heleno. With blinds of 3,500,000/7,000,000/875,000a, Boulton went all-in with 110,652,881 with his A 4. Heleno quickly called with his pocket eights. The board ran 2 9 9 8 J, which solidified Heleno’s victory. Josh Boulton was awarded $29,657 for his second place and Breno Heleno became the 2021 Grand Prix KO Series Main Event Champion with a prize of $29,174. 

Here are the Grand Prix KO #07 Main Event Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Bounties Prize
1 Breno Heleno Brazil $19,150 $29,714
2 Josh Boulton United Kingdom $5,830 $29,657
3 Jack Sinclair United Kingdom $3,248 $18,455
4 Dmitriy Danilov Russia $1,352 $12,328
5 Sebastian Sikorski Canada $1,998 $8,418
6 Victor Hugo Bonifacio Brazil $2,053 $5,975
7 Dalton Hobold Brazil $1,228 $4,148

Luiz Fernando Vieira Wins the Grand Prix KO Mini Main Event

Thanks to Luiz Fernando Vieira knocking down the $11 Mini Main Event, it was a Brazillian Double in the Grand Prix KO Series on partypoker. Moreover, four out of the seven finalists in the Mini Main Event were from Brazil, making it unlikely for any other country representative to win the title. 

Michel Hortencio, Michael Hamann, and Darragh Curtin were the first three players to be knocked out from the Mini Main Event. After that, Germany’s Marcel Fischer was eliminated, leaving three Brazillian stars to compete for the championship. 

Andrei Checchetto was the first one to fall. Shortly after that, Luiz Fernando Vieira was able to come out on top in the heads-up play against Sandro Possel and take home $9,093. 

Here are the Grand Prix KO #06 Mini Main Event Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Bounties Prize
1 Luiz Fernando Vieira Brazil $3,125 $5,968
2 Sandro Possel Brazil $853 $5,947
3 Andrei Checchetto Brazil $273 $3,696
4 Marcel Fischer Germany $819 $2,465
5 Darragh Curtin New Zealand $409 $1,680
6 Michael Hamann Malta $590 $1,190
7 Michel Hortencio Brazil $506 $823

Michael Sklenicka Wins the Grand Prix KO High Roller Title

Michael Sklenicka from the Czech Republic was able to top the field of more than 1,000 entries to become the winner of the Grand Prix KO Series High Roller. Sklenicka took home an impressive top prize of $73,980. It is important to note that a substantial part of that prize came from eliminating Fabiano Kovalsi during the heads-up play. With a $7,951 bounty on his head, Kovalski was the desired target for Sklenicka. 

Here are the Grand Prix KO #06 Mini Main Event Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Bounties Prize
1 Michael Sklenicka Czech Republic $38,982 $34,998
2 Fabiano Kovalski Brazil $7,951 $34,944
3 Ian Modder Canada $11,300 $23,139
4 Dobromir Tsolov Bulgaria $3,033 $15,571
5 Aleksei Tcepkov Russia $4,181 $10,357
6 Dennys Ramos Brazil $8,148 $7,627
7 Aki Virtanen Finland $921 $5,304
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