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We receive numerous inquiries from players about our weekly Private Tournaments at GGPoker. The relevant information can be found on our site, but here’s an article that should also help explain the mechanics of our weekly YPD tournaments.

Which YPD tournaments are there?

There is our weekly $1,000 tournament every Saturday. Additionally, for all new players and first-time depositors, we have a special C$2,000 GGPoker Welcome Freeroll.

What do I have to do to take part in the weekly $1,000 tournament (602010)?

Attention: Only those players with a GG player account that is linked to YPD as an affiliate are allowed to participate in our exclusive tournaments and promotions. If you have an existing player account that was not created with our link or the bonus code, YPD, then – unfortunately – we are unable to do anything – We can’t retag existing player accounts!

It does not help just to register at YourPokerDream and include there your GGPoker Email of your existing account!

It is possible that players whose only goal is to play the freeroll tournament and who are not otherwise active at the tables and generate little or no rake, may not always receive a ticket to the tournament. From June 11th, 2022, players who had a minimum of $15 Netrake in the previous month, will receive a ticket for the weekly tournaments in the current month. Players who had less than $15 netrake will not receive a ticket.

Players who live in Germany are excluded and cant participate in our weekly private tournaments!

Example: Player has 15$(or more) Netrake in May 2022 and he will receive for every weekly 1k tournament in June a ticket to access the tournament. The same principle will then continue in the coming months

What do I need to do to join the $1,500 YPD Masters Leaderboard?

Of course you need a tagged player account at GGPoker. It is also important that you create an account with us on the site and then enter your GGPoker email as your username. If you don’t do that, you won’t take part in the leaderboard.

All prizes are paid in T$ by default. Only players who have generated a minimum of $25 Netrake in the current month will receive a prize from our leaderboard.

How do I get a ticket for the $2,000 Welcome tournament?

This tournament is exclusive to players who register for the first time at GGPoker via YourPokerDream and make a first deposit of at least $50.

Am I allowed to take part in the private YPD tournaments with a place of residence in Germany?

Since the new gambling law in Germany (July 2021), all players from Germany are excluded from our promotions and tournaments.

All players are eligible for our $2,000 Welcome Freeroll only.

Why am I not getting an answer when I ask for a ticket to the tournament?

Everything important is right here in this article. If you did not receive a ticket for the tournament, your player account may not be linked to YPD as an affiliate, or you did not generate enough rake to receive a ticket. There is nothing we can do in this case.

We will endeavor to continuously update this article and keep you informed about any developments.

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Your YourPokerDream team

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· Published 24.10.2021 · last updated 21.07.2022

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