Retag of existing player accounts with an affiliate is no longer possible

As the negative headlines at GGPoker continue, we’ve learned of another sudden development about which we were given no advance warning – namely that they have decided overnight that it will no longer be possible to retag player accounts. When such decisions are made so arbitrarily and without giving partners any advance warning, it means we are unable to address any issues that might arise. In this case the implications of such unprofessionalism are that our retag requests – which have been in process for two weeks – are being ignored, and our players have already been promised that they’re being accommodated and that the process is underway.

Sad but true: When it comes to a lack of communication and professionalism, GGPoker is now clearly in the dubious position of Number 1 of all online poker rooms. This latest moving of the proverbial goalposts is unfair on players and casts a bad light on GGPoker.

We apologize on behalf of YourPokerDream to the few players who have been waiting for almost two weeks for their player accounts to be linked to YPD, and who have already received confirmation that everything is going through okay. Unfortunately, the matter is not in our hands, and we have to accept the unhelpful, inexplicable poor timing of this decision even if it is completely unacceptable not to adhere to previous agreements.

The problem here is not that GG no longer allows retags of player accounts, rather the manner and chronology with which the change in policy has been handled. There is nothing wrong with their decision – it is absolutely understandable that they leave existing player accounts as they are and do not link them to other affiliates. It’s all about acquiring new customers, of course. However, every online poker room in the world – in the event of a mistake – has a few days of leeway after signing up to retrospectively link a player to an affiliate. For example, there could have been a broken tracking link from the poker room, the player might have entered the wrong bonus code, forgotten to use the relevant tracking link and so on. But if something like this now happens at GG, then that’s it, because they will refuse to fix it.

As with numerous other matters, GGPoker’s decisions and lack of professional consideration is a mystery. Exactly the same thing happened at Pokerstars years ago, and now it appears that certain people involved with running GG believe that the new big hitter in online poker is untouchable and above what are necessary practices that need to remain in place in order to maintain a happy, working equilibrium across all platforms of our industry. We have already seen where this is going at many online poker rooms, and it will be no different at GG if certain things do not change.

This matter is not about YourPokerDream and what our thoughts and concerns are regarding any negative impact on YPD, rather the customers of online poker and how they are treated, and how their interests are respected. They are, after all, what the industry relies upon to stay in business! Unfortunately, in the last few months, it has become increasingly and repeatedly apparent that GGPoker has failed to take important considerations into account in terms of both the players and affiliates, and that simply shouldn’t be the case.



· Published 15.10.2021 · last updated 17.10.2021