Sergey Brykalin has recently won the WPT DeepStack #06 Mini Turbo Knockout. However, the most interesting thing is that he managed to do so with a free ticket. One day, just when Brykalin was about to go on vacation, he checked the partypoker Discord channel and found many people talking about the free tickets giveaway. Shortly after, he logged into his partypoker account to check if he was one of the lucky few to get a free ticket for WPT DeepStack. Surprisingly, he found an $11 ticket waiting for him and say this was an excellent opportunity to win some money in the Mini Turbo Knockout. This decision turned out to be quite fruitful as he managed to beat a field of 8,952 opponents and take home $8,834. In this article, we will dive deeper into this victory. We will also update you on the most recent partypoker promotions such as Boosted Hours. Read on for more. 

Sergey Brykalin’s Win

Brykalin did not have a very successful run at the beginning. Even though he managed to make it through to Day 2, he had an average-sized stack. With only 30 players remaining, he did not have enough confidence to win the event. On top of that, he made a mistake during one of the hands which decreased his stack all the way down to 9 big blinds. However, he was able to bounce back and grow his stack to 30 big blinds. 

Shortly after that (with only three tables remaining before the finish), Brykalin was able to double up. Now, he had all the chances to go for it and win the WPT DeepStacks event. Here is what Sergey had to say about his victory:

“A player with 45 big blinds sat down and opened to 4.5 big blinds. He opened to 4.5 big blinds again from an early position, and I had pocket jacks in the big blind. All my 29 big blinds ended up in the middle of the table, and he called with eights. Miraculously, my jacks held and I was now the chip leader. The rest is history.”.

His tournament run culminated in a heads-up duel against Sweden’s Karl Johan Bjorklund. At this point in the tournament, the bounties on each player were huge and both of them had a $5,800 prize pool to fight for. Eventually, Sergey Brykalin managed to eliminate Bjorklund (which has become his 21st knockout). He banked an additional $3,000 for the bounty and took home $8,843 in prize money. 

The latest WPT DeepStack Mini Turbo Knockout champion, Sergey Brykalin has played poker for more than ten years. However, he did take breaks during his poker career. He first started playing tournaments and cash games as a hobby on weekends. Then, he took a year-long break in 2016 only to return to the grind in 2017 with a larger focus on tournaments. Brykalin usually plays up to 12 tables at the same time and average a $20 buy-in. Sergey Brykalin has many other hobbies. He loves to hike, snowboard, play beach volleyball, and also invests in cryptocurrency.

Partypoker Boosted Hours Update

Partypoker has introduced a Boosted Hours update. Now, you can gain even more value from them. Boosted Hours now runs 12 times per day and includes all Hold’em and Omaha cash game formats. As a reminder, Boosted Hours was only available in fastforward before. Players can also double their cashback points from October 18 through October 31. The 12 boosts per day will run every two hours from 00:00 to 22:00 GMT. In other words, during these times you will receive two cashback points per each $1 rake instead of one. This extra cashback will be automatically credited to your account. 

Here is a Boosted Hours timetable:

Time (GMT) Boost Value
00:00 2x
02:00 2x
04:00 2x
06:00 2x
08:00 2x
10:00 2x
12:00 2x
14:00 2x
16:00 2x
18:00 2x
20:00 2x
22:00 2x

Please keep in mind that unfortunately, this promotion excludes players residing in Denmark, Italy, Germany, France, and Sweden. On the other hand, there is no upper limit on the amount of extra cashback you can earn. This means that you have an opportunity to gain quite a lot of cashback by the end of this promotion. This is especially beneficial for more casual players, as they will have an easier time earning rakeback now. 

On top of that, every partypoker player that manages to get over 25 cashback points in one week will receive cashback on Monday. As stated by partypoker, you only need to generate $12.50 of rake during the boosted hours to get at least 20% rakeback.

Cashback Percentage Cashback Points Required
20% 25
25% 150
30% 600
40% 1,200

We would also like to remind you that if you are able to hit 40% cashback on a regular basis, you can join the exclusive Diamond Club where you can earn up to 50% rakeback if you hit $100,000 in rake. If you contribute even more in rake, you can join the Diamond Club Elite where you can earn up to 60% cashback and a package to the Caribbean Poker Party in the Bahamas and a MILLION$ Online ticket. 

Partypoker White 13

600$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

Cash Games


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· Published 25.10.2021 · last updated 25.10.2021