The 2021 WPTDeepStacks was concluded yesterday (October 26th) on partypoker. Timothy Kelly became the 2021 WPTDeepStacks Main Event champion. In order to achieve this result, he had to top a field of 1,041 players and defeat Jerry Odeen during the heads-up play at a final table. The whole final table session was live-streamed on the partypoker Twitch channel. For his triumph, Timothy Kelly was awarded $171,804 in prize money. Kelly entered the nine-handed final table with a huge chip lead and was able to maintain this advantage all the way to the end of the tournament. What’s also notable about this tournament is that Sweden’s Odeen got into the Main Event via a $109 Mega Satellite earlier in the WPTDeepStacks Online. He has managed to convert it into an impressive $118,338 payday. Read on for more details and the WPTDeepStacks Online Main Event results. 

Final Table

Let’s take a closer look at how the action at the final table of the WPTDeepStacks Online Main Event unfolded. 

Simon Brandstrom was the first player to be eliminated from the nine-handed final table action. The former WPT Uk Main Event champion was knocked out by Timothy Kelly when he opened to 1,691,822 from middle position with A Q. After that, he called Brandstrom’s 12,989,953 all-in with his K Q. Unfortunately for Brandstrom, the board was 10 10 7 4 3 and Kelly had a high card. Simon Brandstrom was awarded $13,953 for his ninth-place finish. 

The next player to be eliminated was Michael Skelnicka. Once again, Timothy Kelly was the one responsible for the knockout. Even though Skelnicka was a chip leader on Day 1 of the tournament, Kelly was not dominating the table. Kelly opened to 1,656,000 from his late position with 10 4. Skelnicka called his bet from the big blind with Q 10. The flop showed 4 5 10 and both players checked, even though Kelly was in the lead. The 3 came out on the turn and Skelnicka checked. However, Kelly bet 1,400,000 and Skelnicka check-raised all-in with 5,612,544. A jack on the river shattered all Skelnicka’s hopes for victory. Michael Skelnicka was awarded $17,665 for his eights-place finish. 

Ukraine’s Volodymyr Palamar was the next player to become Kelly’s victim. Palamar decided to mini-raise to 1,600,000 under the gun with his pocket kings. As a response, Kelly three-bet shoved to 2,400,000 with his suited 10 5 of spades. Palomar called this bet. The flop showed 3 of spades Q of hearts and both players opted for a check. When a 6 came out on the turn, Kelly bet 2,010,000 and Palamar called. The river was quite unlucky for Palamar as it showed the king of spades. Even though Volodymyr had a three-of-a-kind now, Kelly had a flush of spades. Kelly fired a 2,800,000 bet and Palamar check-raised all-in for 14,167,700. As a result, Volodymyr Palamar was eliminated. He was awarded $22,263 for his seventh-place finish. Shortly after that, the playing field was reduced to only five as Thomas Hueber of Austria was knocked out from the tournament. Heuber open-shoved 7,482,789 with his A 7. Felix Stephensen, who was the 2014 WSOP Main Event runner-up called with his pocket jacks in the big blind. Unfortunately for Heuber, he was unable to get anything on the K 8 6 K Q board and was eliminated. Heuber was awarded $28,206 for his sixth-place finish. 

Philipp Hofbauer, who is also an Austrian poker regular, was the next person to be eliminated. Once again, Kelly was the one who knocked him out. What’s interesting is that Hofbauer finished fifth in the 2021 WPT World Online Championships Main Event as well and had to deal with another fifth place. Hofbauer limped in from the small blind with his pocket nines and Kelly checked from the big blind with his K 5. The flop showed K 3 5 and Kelly was able to hit two pair. He immediately called Hofbauer’s 1,400,000 bet on the flop. Kelly followed with a 2,520,000 bet on the A turn. Hofbauer then bet 4,200,000 on the river after it showed a 10. Unfortunately for Hofbauer, Kelly was able to catch him bluffing and went all-in. Hofbauer called and the game was over for him. Philipp Hofbauer was awarded $36,487 for his fifth-place finish. 

Joakim Andersson was the next player to leave the WPTDeepStack Online Main Event. He had trouble increasing his stack size as Kelly was snatching almost every pot during the final table. This all culminated when Andersson mini-raised to 2,800,000 with a pair of queens. Kelly shoved 25,418,312 from the big blind with his pocket sevens. Andersson went called an all-in. Even though Anderson had a better hand, Kelly was able to flop a set and later get a full house on the turn. Joakim Andersson was awarded $53,197 for his fourth-place finish.

Stephenson was the last player to leave the tournament before the heads-up play was set. Kelly pushed all-in from the small blind right after busting out Andersson. Stephenson called 29,994,323 with his A Q. He was up against 10 8 of Kelly. The board ran 10 4 10 4 4. Kelly had the best hand and Felix Stephensen was awarded $81,359 for his third-place finish.

Kelly was up against Jerry Odeen during the heads-up play. Kelly had a drastic chip lead with 225,970,171 against 34,280,279 of Odeen. Jerry Odeen played well but was unable to overcome such a substantial gap. Kelly had huge momentum, which was also a challenge for Odeen. Kelly was able to eliminate Odeen when he limped with Q J and Kelly shoved with K Q. Odeen called the 19,135,969 bet. The flop showed 10 9 4 and Odeen had an open-ended straight draw, however, he was not so lucky after that. The turn showed Q and the river fell 4. Kelly had a better hand and became the WPTDeepStacks Main Event Champion for $171,804. Jerry Odeen went home with $118,338 for his second-place finish. 

Here are the full 2021 WPTDeepStacks Online Main Event results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Timothy Kelly Canada $171,804
2 Jerry Odeen Sweden $118,337
3 Felix Stephensen Canada $81,358
4 Joakim Andersson Malta $53,197
5 Philipp Hofbauer Austria $36,487
6 Thomas Hueber Austria $28,206
7 Volodymyr Palamar Ukraine $22,262
8 Michael Sklenicka Czech Republic $17,665
9 Simon Brandstrom Sweden $13,953
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