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· Published 14.11.2021 · last updated 14.11.2021

Christian Jeppson has become the winner of the latest edition of the GGPoker Super MILLION$. He has entered the final table with a confident chip lead and has managed to turn this large advantage into a triumph. After beating Thomas Muehloecker in an exciting heads-up play, the Swedish professional poker player went home with a hefty prize of $291,188. Read on for a more detailed overview.

GGPoker Super MILLION$ Final Table

Canada’s Mark Radoja was the first casualty of the final table. He was knocked out by Russia’s “leeel” during the 17,500/40,000/4,500a level. The Russian regular has entered the final table with just ten blinds remaining, but has gained solid momentum and enjoyed a rush of cards from the very beginning. “Leeel” opened to 70,000 with A 3 of hearts. Thomas Muehloecker called in a late position with K Q. This was followed by an all-in for 703,759 from Mark Radoja and his A K of diamonds on the button. After that, Ioannis “Chitirijr” Droushiotis four-bet shoved for 1,279,542 with his pocket jacks. This move made all active players fold, except Radoja. Unfortunately for Canada’s pro, Droushiotis’s pocket jacks were stronger and he was knocked out in ninth place for $40,290. 

The next player to be eliminated was New Zealand’s Malcolm “HappyWhale” Trayner. At this point in the game, Trayner only had two big blinds. Juanki “Little Pepe” Vecino raised to 210,000 at the 25,000/50,000/6,000a level with his A K and Trayner called with an all-in with his pocket kings. However, Vecino has managed to flop an ace and the battle was basically over. Malcolm “HappyWhale” Trayner was awarded $51,590 for his eight-place finish. 

Daniel Dvoress, a former Super MILLION$ champion, was the next player to leave the final table. Vecino raised to 120,000 with pocket aces and Dvoress called in the big blind with his K 10. After flopping a king, Dvoress check-called a 60,000 bet from Vecino. The turn did not give any advantage to either player. A nine showed up on the river and Dvoress check-called the rest of his stack for 295,902. Vecino’s pocket aces were stronger and Daniel Dvoress was awarded $66,060 for his seventh-place finish. 

Vecino’s early success did not last for long as he was the next one out of the tournament. First, he limped into the small blind holding A 6 and Jeppsson raised to 215,300 with A J from the big blind. Vecino went all-in for 1,317,442 and Jeppson snap-called. There were no sixes on the board and Juanki Vecino was awarded $84,588 for his sixth-place finish. 

Austria’s Jans Arends was the next player to be knocked out. He three-bet all-in with a short stack of 12 big blinds as a response to Droushiotis opening a raise from under the gun. Arends had pocket eights and, unfortunately for him, Droushiotis had pocket queens. The board did not give any surprising advantage to Jans Arends and he was awarded $108,314 for his fifth-place finish. 

With just four players remaining, Arends’ executioner, Droushiotis, was the next participant to hit the showers. First, Muehloekcer mini-raised 200,000 chips from the button with J 6 of clubs. Droushiotis called from the big blind with his J 10. Both players have managed to pair their kickers on the flop. After that, Droushiotis bet half-pot, and Muehloecker called. But, Muehloecker was able to get into the lead with a six on the turn. Once again, Droushiotis bet half-pot for 500,000 chips. However, this time, he was met with a raise to 1,600,000 from Muehloecker. Without any hesitation, the Cyprus-based poker regular answered with an all-in for 3,375,756. The Austrian’s triple sixes were able to hold him in the lead and Droushiotis was eliminated in the fourth place, for which he was awarded $138,694. 

With only three players remaining at the final table, Russia’s “leeel” was the player to be knocked out. “Leeel” limped for 140,000 on the button and Muehloecker folded in his small blinds. But Jeppsson raised to 490,000 and snap-called leeel’s all-in for 2,286,940. “Leeel” had suited A K and Jeppsson had pocket jacks. The board did not give any advantage to either of the players and the Russian was eliminated. However, this result is nothing short of amazing when we consider that “leeel” has won this seat for only $108 and entered the final table with just 10.1 big blinds. For that, he was awarded $1777,594. 


Thomas Muehloecker had a 7,152,001 to 6,247,999 chip lead over Christian Jeppsson entering the heads-up play. But, soon enough, Christian Jeppsson was able to make some gains and level the chip count. However, none of the players were able to gain a significant advantage after that.

It all changed when Jeppsson was able to get a better flush on the board with four clubs. Muehloecker had an eight of clubs, while Jeppsson had a jack of clubs. This allowed Jeppsson to scoop a large pot and move into a confident lead. The battle culminated when the blinds reached 100,000/200,000/25,000a level. Muehloecker decided to move all-in with his K 9 for 2,232,036. Jeppsson called with A 2 of diamonds. Christian Jeppsson was able to flop a 2 and two diamonds, which gave him a solid lead. The victory was solidified when he turned a jack of diamonds. Muehloecker was knocked out in second place and was awarded $227,406. Jeppsson was awarded a top prize of $291,188 for his victory at the GGPoker Super MILLION$. 

Here are the full GGPoker Super MILLION$ final table results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Christian Jeppsson Andorra $291,188
2 Thomas Muehloecker Austria $227,406
3 “leeel” Russia $177,594
4 Ioannis “Chitirijr” Droushiotis Cyprus $138,694
5 Jans Arends Austria $108,314
6 Juanki “Little Pepe” Vecino Estonia $84,588
7 Daniel Dvoress Canada $66,060
8 Malcolm “HappyWhale” Trayner New Zealand $51,590
9 Mark Radoja Canada $40,290

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