The inaugural Irish Poker Masters KO festival has made its debut at partypoker on November 4th. It is a special festival with a focus on a progressive knockout format. This tournament offers action for players of all bankrolls, as the buy-ins are ranging from €44 all the way up to €2,100. The series features 18 different events and will run until November 23rd. It will also feature a €1,100 Main Event with a €1,000,000 guarantee. Read on for the highlights and the full schedule of the Irish Poker Master KO at partypoker. 

Irish Masters KO Highlights

Irish Masters KO at partypoker offers many different PKO events for you to take part in. But, let’s talk about the ones that stand out from the rest. First of all, there are turbo events on offer. The most interesting one is #12 7-Max Turbo for €215, which kicks off on November 15th and has a €30,000 guarantee. 

Another event worth noting is the #09 PLO8 High Roller for €530 with a €40,000 guaranteed. This tournament starts on November 14th. There is also the #14 High Roller for €2,100 with €100,000. This event is offered in a Texas Hold’em format and will start on November 18th. PLO players also have their own high roller event, which kicks off on November 21. It will have a €1,050 buy-in and a €75,000 guarantee.

There is also going to be a special event on the Irish Poker Masters KO schedule, which is the €530 JP Masters. This event is named after the Irish Poker Masters director and organizer, JP McCann, who has decided to hold his tournament on partypoker due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This two-day tournament will take place from November 8th to November 15th and offers a €300,000 guarantee. McCann has said the following in a news release: 

“We are delighted to continue our association with partypoker and the new Irish Poker Masters KO Online is sure to be a lot of fun,”

Unsurprisingly, the most anticipated tournament of the Irish Poker Master KO festival is going to be the €1,000,000 guaranteed Main Event. It will feature four Day 1s, including a turbo-structured flight with each weighing at €1,100. The structure of the Main Event is worth noting as well. Each player will have a 100,000 starting stack and blinds will increase every 20 minutes starting at 500/1,000/100a. You can re-enter the Main Event only once and you can do so only until the end of the 12th level when the blinds are 2,000/4,0000/500a. The Main Event will kick off this Sunday, November 7th with the first of four starting flights. Days 1B and 1C will take place on the next two Saturdays. After that, there is going to be a turbo flight on November 22nd. 

Irish Poker Masters KO Schedule

Dates Event Buy-in
Nov 4-8 Irish Poker Masters KO #01 Opener: €250K Gtd €320
Nov 4-15 Irish Poker Masters KO #02 IPM50: €200K Gtd €55
Nov 4-15 Irish Poker Masters KO #03 The Big 4 PLO8: €50K Gtd €44
Nov 7-22 Irish Poker Masters KO #04 Main Event: €1M Gtd €1,100
Nov 8-15 Irish Poker Masters KO #05 JP Masters: €300K Gtd €530
Nov 8 Irish Poker Masters KO #06 6-Max Hyper: €20K Gtd €109
Nov 10 Irish Poker Masters KO #07 7-Max PLO8: €10K Gtd €109
Nov 11 Irish Poker Masters KO #08 6-Max Big Bounty: €50K Gtd €215
Nov 14 Irish Poker Masters KO #09 PLO8 High Roller: €40K Gtd €530
Nov 15-22 Irish Poker Masters KO #10 IMP100: €250K Gtd €109
Nov 15-22 Irish Poker Masters KO #11 The Big 4 PLO: €50K Gtd €44
Nov 15 Irish Poker Masters KO #12 7-Max Turbo: €30K Gtd €215
Nov 17 Irish Poker Masters KO #13 7-Max PLO: €20K Gtd €215
Nov 18 Irish Poker Masters KO #14 High Roller: €100K Gtd €2,100
Nov 18 Irish Poker Masters KO #15 Mix-Max Big Bounty: €50K Gtd €215
Nov 16 Irish Poker Masters KO #16 PLO High Roller: €75K Gtd €1,050
Nov 22 Irish Poker Masters KO #17 Second Chance Turbo: €50K Gtd €530
Nov 22 Irish Poker Masters KO #18 Mini Second Chance Turbo: €200K Gtd €55

Irish Poker Masters KO Sattelites and Spins

Partypoker offers an opportunity for everyone to participate even in the most expensive tournaments. You will find a bunch of cut-price satellites running now and throughout the whole duration of the festival. For example, the Main Event satellites start at only €0.01, so everyone has a shot at participating in this event. 

On top of that, you can also participate in the Irish Poker Masters KO edition SPINS, which are available right now on partypoker. They cost €20 to enter and have a winner-takes-all format. You can get prizes starting from €40 in cash and higher prize pool multipliers give out tickets to the various Irish Poker Masters KO event. These tickets can range anywhere from €55 all the way up to a €1,1000 Main Event ticket. Here is a table to better visualize prizes you can get from spins:

Multiplier Frequency in 1M Games 1st Place Prize
2.00 642,767 €40 cash
2.75 186,733 €55 IMP KO Ticket
5.45 166,000 €109 IPM KO Ticket
10.75 2,000 €215 IPM KO Ticket
26.50 1,500 €530 IPM KO Ticket
55.00 1,000 €1,100 IPM KO Main Event Ticket

What is the Progressive Knockout Tournament?

Progressive Knockout tournaments, or PKO, is a unique twist on a classical bounty tournament. All players start with a certain bounty on their head just like in a normal knockout. The main difference is that in a PKO event a player knocking out another player will not win the entirety of the bounty because a portion of it will go to the player’s own bounty. Therefore, the deeper you progress, the larger your bounty will be. In the end, the winner not only takes the first-place money reward but also benefits from the bounties he was able to gather. Such tournaments are gaining more and more popularity in online poker. 

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